10 Things Your Car Type Reveals About Your Personality

The LED headlights and the bright red of your car do not mislead anyone: all the little details of your car type reveal traits of your personality. Continue reading to know everything! Some cars are designed to be admired … just think of luxury sports cars or red cars. Driving such gear will probably bring you the attention you want, but all attention is not positive! According to Dr. Susan M. Hinny, professor of psychology at the University of Houston-Downtown, sports or red-type cars are more likely to attract the attention of police officers and thieves.

You drive a minivan?

You must appreciate the presence of others. A minivan is ultra-practical for space, utility and everything else … But let’s says it frankly: the pleasure is calculated according to the number of children that can be placed there. The more children there are, the more you feel useful, go, and confess it! Your LED headlights are excessively bright? You put yourself ahead of your needs.
You have just bought the latest lighthouses, enough to blind anyone on the road. You want to be seen, no matter what, going so far as to endanger the safety of the other drivers you are going to blind. Did you know that some American cities plan to ban this type of lighthouse? Thanks show a little more empathy. If it is good to pay attention to oneself … it is just as good to pay attention to others indoor car cover!

Do you have a family sticker in your back window?

Your entire family is represented in your back window. How pretty it is. And also very dangerous. The more information you give about your family, the easier it is to target you and those you love. As Susan M. Hinny puts it, it’s a way to show others that your family has a place in the social hierarchy, which may not be their case.

You display your sports preferences

Showing yourself as a fan of a sports team shows that you are proudly part of a group. Very good, but be careful. Are you a fan of a team of winners, eternal losers or famous strangers? What does it say about you, exactly?

The size of your car betrays you

You drive a huge car, or a truck, something that can be seen for miles? You probably miss insurance. The bigger your car, the less you have. “It’s compensation,” says Susan M. Hinny. Are you driving an SUV? Security is important to you. Do you have a political sticker on your vehicle? You have opinions! Any means are good for sharing your political opinions, and what’s easier than placing a sticker on your car? Most people who do this look out of the margin and need to make such public statements to indicate that they are not part of the “system”. Do you have an air purifier? It has been designed especially for you! There are as many types of air purifiers for the car as there are … cars. Thinking of a particular model? It already exists, everything was thought according to the various personalities of drivers. So, choose something that amuses you instead of giving you too much time.

When you open the door, the rejects fall: you are multitasking

Your car is a real storage on wheels? According to Nicole Cuts psychology, the way you take care of your vehicle, whatever the price or brand, is a reflection of who you really are. Do rubbish everywhere? You really want to give the impression that you are a careless, diffuse and messy person? To do a small cleaning of the car takes only a few minutes.

Automobile cover

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Your farm is your livelihood. You have a lot of things to protect, but your priority is the proper functioning of your farm. We understand completely. Your insurance policy may be far off your list of priorities, but it’s the main thing you should think about. We are of the opinion that your protection should be as flexible as your operation, and that no solution would be suitable for all farms.

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