19 Best Chrome Extensions to boost your Productivity

Google chrome is one of the most popular browser available right now. As our time spent on internet has increased dramatically, its essential to spend time more productively.

With web applications and browser addons, life has become more easier online. Google chrome supports huge number of extensions, which are essentially plugins that add functionality to the browser based on the requirements. The best part is installation of addons won’t take more than 10 seconds.

There are ton of them that help you get more work done in short order. Honestly, desktop apps can be very frustrating sometimes.

This a compilation of essential chrome addons that will help improve your productivity.

Writing and note-taking

Addons to help you take notes or drafting an article.

1. Google keep

Best alternative for Evernote and MS OneNote. Due to easy reach on browser this is very essential product. The extension lets you save images and text from context menu on any page and lets you add notes to them.

2. Papier

Papier is a extension for brainstorming. Its a note-taking tool which is readily accesible than any other desktop app.

Task management

3. Jot

Jot is an extension for preparing short to-do lists. Its a replacement for new tab page.

4. Momentum

Momentum is an extension for plotting your day. It adds useful widgets to your new tab that should help you plan your day easily and reach your goals.

5. Todoist

Todoist is very useful task management extension and offers a ton of features in a small space.

Reading and Reasearch

6. Pocket

Most popular app and extension. With pocket you can save articles to read later. This is one is one of my favorite addons. You can save article and read later offline.

7. Reedy

Reedy lets you choose any text on a page, whether it’s an entire article or just a paragraph, to speed read in its distraction-free interface.

8. Highly

Highly makes it easy to summarize an article by highlighting the best bits.

You can share salient portion on a page with your contacts. Its very useful for research.

9. Refind

Refind helps rediscovering your essential online resources. It stores your bookmarks online and highlights these pages when they appear in your Google search results.

10. Page monitor

Page monitor lets you add any page to a list that it’ll constantly monitor for changes, and notify you with a ding to let you know when it spots something.


11. Pablo

Pablo helps to create social media-friendly images. It is a powerful tool for creating images to share on social networks, and it comes in handy when you want to grab your followers’ attention in their feeds more effectively.

12. Nimbus

Nimbus is easy way to take screenshots and screencasts.

Staying Focused

13. Focus

Helps you to maintain your focus and stick to your tasks.

14. StayFocused for avoiding distractions.

15. Noisli for improving concentration with white noise

16. RescueTime for tracking your productivity

It keeps an eye on your activity in Chrome and generates charts to show which sites you spend most of your time on. You can have it break down your activity by day or month, and see which days you were busiest.


17. Criptext for unsending emails

We’ve all hit ‘Send’ prematurely at some point in our lives and wished we could bring back that erroneous email. Gmail lets you do that with a short window, but Criptext uses advanced tech to allow you to change your message at any time – and even wipe it entirely.

18. Clearbit Connect

It is helpful for finding anyone’s contact info in your inbox.

19. Checker Plus for managing your inbox without opening.

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