3 Iconic Eateries to Make Your Independence Day Special

Celebrated on 15th of August each year, Independence Day is a commemoration of courage, valor, and heroism that helped India attain freedom. This year as we mark 73 years of independence, the reason to celebrate is even larger. How about visiting some of the iconic eateries that have stood the test of time?
While most of the restaurants have embraced global cuisines, there still persist some time-tested eateries that carry with them a whiff of nostalgia to delight your gourmet soul. Here we list our top picks that make for an ideal spot for each traveller seeking a taste of history with lip-smacking food.

1. Karim’s, New Delhi

Established in 1913 by Haji Kareemuddin, Karim’s is synonymous with sumptuous Mughlai cuisine in India. Although it started as a small place in Galli Kababian of Jama Masjid, its network has spread to several locations at present. Legend has it that the original chefs of the restaurant belonged to the royal kitchens of Bahadur Shah Zafar and Shah Jahan. Isn’t that iconic for Independence Day celebrations?
Since Independence Day this year brings with it a long weekend, why not head toThe LaLiT Mangar and enjoy its warm hospitality. If you feel too tired to drive to Delhi, a stop at Alfresco with its enchanting surroundings teamed with The LaLiT’s hospitality make for an ideal getaway. What’s best? All the ingredients used in the preparation of different dishes are produced through organic farming in The LaLiT’s own in-house farms.

2. Leopold Café & Bar, Mumbai

Even the raining bullets of 2008 Mumbai attack couldn’t shut it down, such is the legacy of Leopold café. It was established right after 1857 mutiny and still stands strong on its feet. Celebrated for its appetizing food, conducive environment and happy aura, the café is ideal for all kinds of celebrations, leave alone Independence Day. This iconic pre-independence era café is situated in Colaba, just in case you plan to pre-book your tickets.
Boasting of elegant and modern interiors, Trendz ofThe LaLiT Mumbai is also a great option if you wish to go for fine dining and booze in a relaxed setting.

3. Indian Coffee House, Kolkata

Located on College Street in Kolkata, Indian Coffee House has served as a fav spot for renowned personalities such as Subhash Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore. Although decades have passed since it was established, the charm of this place still remains the same. Besides its scrumptious offerings, the high-ceilinged café also serves as a hotspot for discussion. What better way than to remember our past heroes at a place where they have spent hours scribbling our journey towards freedom. Once you are done sipping your coffee, head to The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata to try authentic Bengali cuisine while enjoying stunning views and ambience.
Celebrating freedom and experiencing the untapped heritage spots, food and warmth just got easier with the LaLiT’s Independence Day Offer. Unwind and make the best of your well-deserved break by booking now.
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