3 Simple Online Marketing Steps To Success.

Common Scenario That I’ve Seen About Online Marketing Time And Time Again….

Here’s a common scenario that I’ve seen about online marketing time and time again.

Fouzi Bach internet marketer starts his online marketing business. Fouzi Bach gets busy doing all the things that he is told to do for his online marketing business, and all the things that Fouzi Bach thinks will make him the money that he wants to make.

Fouzi Bach sees other successful online marketing people that have a blog, so he gets to work on his online marketing blog, thinking that must be the key to everything.

So Fouzi Bach spends a week or a month perfecting every little thing on his online marketing blog, and then finally publishes it. Guess what.  No one is visiting Fouzi Bach online marketing blog. Which equals no sales. So after not having any luck with that, it’s on to the next thing.

Many successful online marketing people are putting out their own products and training courses, so Fouzi Bach internet marketer starts to develop his own online marketing product.

After months of painstaking work, Fouzi Bach finally releases his masterpiece. And nobody buys it. Bummer.

“I just don’t have a big enough audience yet for my online marketing business,” Fouzi Bach says.  “Why don’t I try and write an ebook.  I could publish it on Amazon kindle, then I would have a huge audience for my online marketing business!”

So Fouzi Bach. Internet Marketer gets busy writing an ebook. And while Fouzi Bach is spending months doing that, Fouzi Bach is not only developing the skill of writing…..Fouzi Bach is also developing online marketing skill of being broke.

All these things are great, and they should be done in due time. But since Fouzi Bach is just starting online marketing business there are things that should be done first. What Fouzi Bach doesn’t realize is that there are 3 important, and simple online marketing steps to success ,

3 Super-Important Simple Steps To Online Marketing Abundance And They Are As Follows…

1- Start With Paid Traffic.

Advertise your online marketing business to people who would be interested in, your offer, and drive them to a capture page.  Your first online marketing step is to make sure the capture page converts well. Then, only then can you start to build the rest of your online marketing funnel.  Do not try to build out a huge online marketing funnel before you even know if your capture page works!

2- Make Your Funnel Wide And Deep.

Start out with a small online marketing offer first, then follow up with people and step them up the purchasing ladder as you build relationship and trust with them.

3)  Expand Your Online Marketing Idea Of What You Think Your Biggest “paycheck” Could Be. 

Ask yourself this question:

“What would make it inevitable for me to make more in a single day than I have previously made in a year?”

The answer to that question usually revolves around your online marketing selling something high-ticket that will pay you large commissions. Find that product or service that has the potential to change your life with just a few online marketing sales, and you will prosper.

Follow These 3 Simple Online Marketing Steps.

I, implore you, please do not be like Fouzi Bach internet marketer in the above example. Follow these 3 simple online marketing steps and let’s get you on the right path to success, not the never ending path of more debt.

Yes, you have the ability to find traffic to your online marketing business on your own, without spending a lot of money, and you’ve already learned about that in an earlier article. Bottom line? Work hard, work smart and do the leg work on your own for the best investment you could possibly have in your own online marketing business for traffic generation. It will pay off in the long run.

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