3 ways to check your EPF status online

Introduced by the EPF Act, your Employee Provident Fund seeks to leave you with a significant financial corpus to rely on when you hit retirement. Throughout your professional career, both you and your employer make contributions to your EPF. If in times past you had to wait till the end of the year to know your balance and had trouble figuring out where your EPF value stood after a couple of job changes, now you needn’t worry as you can check your PF status online in less than 5 mins.

Further, if you make a PF claim you can check that status too in an instant. All this can be done from the convenience of your laptop or even your handheld device. Let’s look at 3 ways that you can use to check your EPF status online.

Preliminary step: Register your UAN number

Before you attempt to check your EPF balance status online, activate your UAN number. Your UAN number is unique to you and remains as the constant thread linking all your EPF earnings throughout your professional career.
You can get your UAN from your employer, in which case it may even be printed on your salary slip. Alternatively, you can activate it on the UAN portal by using your PF number or EPF member ID.

EPF status via EPFO portal online

Let’s look at how to get your EPF status via the EPFO portal online. This method involves going to the EPFO website and accessing the Member Passbook Facility.
Follow these steps:
  • Login to the EPFO portal athttps://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp or go to theUAN portal and click on “Member passbook available here”
  • Next, fill in your UAN, password and enter the captcha code. Click “Login”
  • You can now access your passbook, which will have monthly entries filled in
  • In case you are checking the status of your PF claim then navigate to “Track Claim Status” by going first to the “Online Services” tab

EPF status through UMANG App

If you prefer to check your EPF balance status via a smartphone app then the UMANG App is one starting point. Let’s look at how to use the UMANG App.
  • Once you install the UMANG App from Google Play Store you will be asked to verify your account with an OTP and your Aadhar number.
  • Enter the UMANG App and click on the EPF option.
  • You will then be given options to view your passbook and EPF balance, make a claim to withdraw pension and track the status of the claim.
  • Once you select the service of your choice, enter your UAN and fill in the OTP
  • If you are checking balance status, then simply view and download your passbook.
  • If you are tracking the status of a claim, then keep handy your claim reference number.

EPF status through M-Sewa App

Here’s how tocheck your PF balance status through EPFOs official app, M-Sewa.
  • Download and install the M-Sewa app from Google Play Store. Next, verify your account with your PF account number and other KYC details.
  • Once you open the app, click on “member”.
  • You will then have two options -“balance” and “passbook”. Click any one of them.
  • Next, you will need to enter your UAN and registered mobile/ Aadhar number to access your PF balance status.
  • Once you have your EPF passbook, view and download if required.

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