A 3,000 SQFT Penthouse in Mumbai

No other interior designer has virtuosity like Sanjyt Syngh, who has the courage to break the norms of interior designing. He has redefined interior designing with his unconventional theme and entrancing experiments. Sanjyt Syngh has done wonders in so many homes; it is the turn of this exquisite penthouse in Mumbai.

Spread over 3000sq ft, this penthouse is fortunate to feel the magic of the internationally acclaimed interior designer Sanjyt Syngh. Here, he got another opportunity to experiment with his favorite palette of black and grey. He believes he has a special relationship with black. The black color intrigues and excites him. He says that a space cascading with abundant sunlight gives the perfect intuition to put the darkest shade.

Especially in India, there are many perceptions of black. For example, black reduces the space, it is depressing, it gives masculine vibes, etc. But the magic of Sanjyt Syngh has falsified every myth about black color. Black has a sensual feel which has justified so many times by Sanjyt Syngh. He has an inseparable relationship with black. Here, he has taken black as a neutral base. So that he can give any flavor and feel to space.

“We tore down the entire space and started afresh. The location is such that there is a sea view from almost all sides. I took advantage of the natural light and tried to maximize the view from every angle possible” – Sanjyt Syngh, Interior Designer

He wanted the entire space to speak the same language, and he succeeded in doing this by giving a smooth flow to the entire penthouse. He used the same stone for all bathrooms, from the floor and counter to the walls. For intensifying the magnificence of the space, he used reflected surfaces. Gigantic mirrors are a great idea to illuminate a luxurious feel. He maintained the consistency of theme in walk-in wardrobe and high gloss black door.

The desired outcome was a theme that projects a clean, crisp, bold and masculine feel. So, he made the whole space comes alive with this theme by sparkling orange meticulously on black. The mix of orange in this theme has done wonders in this penthouse; it has balanced the black splendidly. Orange candles, vases, candles, and cushions chosen by the interior designer Sanjyt Syngh are looking voguish and entrancing.

Sanjyt Syngh loves to explore the effect of new shades when it comes to lightning. He always prefers to get an amount of sunlight in the space so that he can infuse a natural feel with the artificial lights. Nowadays there is a high-tech automation system which adjusts the light according to the different time of the day. After all, moods don’t be the same throughout the day, that’s why lights in the home must complement it. He has also created different layers of lights with the use of right lampshade. The significance of giving the desired feel to the space with the use of favorable lights can’t be overlooked. The interior designer has brought the desired finishing touch to the overall look with choosing perfect shades of light.

Dark shades rivet Sanjyt Syngh, but he is fed up of listening unwelcoming things about black and grey. He believes he can cover the effect of dark color with the use of his refined expertise in creating balance in the overall look. On top of that, if a place is inviting enormous rays of sunlight, he just jumps on the opportunity, after all, black is his first love.

This is how he enveloped this penthouse in his magic. His touch does not only transform a space but also define its identity by giving it a lively feel. The same happened with this penthouse, previously it was just space and Sanjyt has enlivened it. No other interior designer creates the magic which makes space speak about itself like Sanjyt Syngh. That’s why he calls himself “mix of influences”, his intuitions never go wrong when it comes to interior designing. His every work has a unique identity which never gets repeated.

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