4 Watches by Timex for Adventure Freaks

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Whether you are a soldier, an athlete or someone who seeks adventure on an everyday basis, you need gadgets that will not stand in your way but will actually enhance your experience. Those who live more than an ordinary life, demand that extra edge- durability, resilience, or power. Since watches are more than the sort of accessory that is a passing fancy, investing in a finely-crafted timepiece will speak volumes about your personality and sense of style. Here are a few specimens to consider that may reverberate with your adventurous vibe. You can buy thesewatches in India online for easy and convenient delivery.

Timex Command’s Flair for Durability

4 Watches by Timex for Adventure Freaks image 0
Any kind of thrill-seeking demands extraordinary resilience and strength, and a tactical watch should be able to manage both with perfection. This sturdy looking watch is the embodiment of style and durability. It presents an appealing tan shade, with a camo case and a matching sand-coloured strap. Along with being shock and water-resistant, it also boasts of a hydration alert. If you would like a choice in colour, you can go for the bedazzling blue version instead.

The Epitome of Accuracy: Timex Command- Red Bull Cliff Diving Edition

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The last thing you want to do while you are out in the field, is fiddle with your watch and try to figure out its settings. Digital watches offer an advantage in this matter. And what better than the Timex Command Red Bull Cliff Diving Edition, that reaches the heights of innovation? Its bold features like the blue silicone strap, the Red Bull logo and the anodised aluminium details put this watch in a different league altogether. All this, without compromising on convenience or durability- truly, this watch is a steal!

The Analog Marvel : Timex Yacht Racer

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Digital watches may be accurate, but they do not offer the thrill of a visual that shows you exactly how much time has passed, and how much is left. This may be important especially for sports enthusiasts, and so the Yacht Racer scores the point. This analog watch is a confluence of vibrancy and functionality. Its attraction is its bi-direction center hand that will set a countdown for you to begin your race against time. Feel young again with this sophisticated timepiece.

The Multifunctional Tide-Temp-Compass

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When you are out there, a watch that can multi-function will prove to be an asset and will be worth carrying along. The classy Tide-Temp-Compass features a tide tracker, a temperature sensor along with an electronic compass. This watch is the best of technology, crafted to suit your adventure. What more could one possibly want from a watch.
Whether you are looking for formal watches for men in India or any other, you must choose the one that compliments your personality. Also, always remember to keep your adventure streak alive, irrespective of your age.
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