40 ways to Boost your Blog Traffic

After youstarted your blogand start publishing your blog posts, you need to get readers to your blog to read it or discuss it and share your content. Usually when anyone starts blogging they don’t get even 20 page views for their blog. Due to this, they feel demotivated to post any more content and eventually quit blogging.

Traffic plays a major role in earning from your blog. If on right track you can gain more traffic by just making small changes in your blog and by implementing many marketing strategies to your blog.

My main intention of this article is to make your blog gain more organic traffic and through this eventually, you will gain good audience or followers and earn money from your blog.

There are several ways to increase blog traffic, I will try to make this comprehensive and try to point out what methods pro bloggers use.

Create social media account for your blog

Sharing your blog posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + etc to get more page views. Most the traffic comes from other websites, having good social media following is always good, as people will share your post on their timeline and you will get more readers overall. Blogs like Mashable has gigantic social media following gaining thousands of share on Facebook and retweets on twitter.Use share buttons using Shareaholic to your website to make readers share the article on their time lines.Also, don’t forget to share your articles multiple times on social media platforms as it increases your traffic dramatically.

Guest blogging

The best way to gain more followers is to get traffic from-coll boating with other notable bloggers. Writing guest posts for other blogs can increase the visibility of your own site significantly. You can showcase your expertise to an interested audience. It can also give your blog a back link from another great site, providing an SEO boost. Try to write a quality post in a very popular blog which has thousands of views also let other guest bloggers to your site for more content creation and extra traffic from the guest bloggers audience.

If you want more traffic, try writing more articles a week, instead of 1 article a week switch to 2 or 3 articles a week. Pro bloggers like Neil Patel has tested this out and showed the promising result as they increased the traffic by 30-40%. If your blog is new, it is a good opportunity to experiment new content on your blog.

Use good post headline

People want to read your article based on your heading, your heading must be compelling and make to readers to be more curious. Use tools like headline analyzer to know about how good your blog title is. Use keywords like How-to, Top 10 etc to make the article look more ‘viral’.

Write long articles

Instead of writing short articles less than 1000 words try to put more effort in writing a quality post of 3000+ words. Studies have shown that writing an extensive research blog post will get more shares and people will be more willing to trust you based on the amount work you have put up for your blog post.

It is also advised to link all related articles to your blog as it makes your blog interrelated and makes users to stay on your website for long .Also, you can include source links and link other bloggers articles and let them know they have been included in the article and in return get a share from them.

Optimize blog for search engine

Visibility of your blog on google is important, do some keyword research for your blog. Use keywords extensively in your blog posts so that google crawls through your blog. Google search is also major traffic source leading users to your blog. Ranking high on certain keywords can make your article on front page of the google search.

Use Images and media

People are more likely to look at your image that your posts (it sucks right), still you can use good images and generate some quality infographics and then sharing it on Pinterest for more followers to your blog. Stealing from pros is good sometimes.

Create email subscription program

Having email list is very important as it will help you serve dedicated followers and serve them through email. You can also provide exclusive service to email subscribers as a thank you. You can sell freebie to get more email subscribers, like by giving a free ebook about some exclusive topic.

Use web forums to publicise blog and connect with audience

You can look into websites like Quora and build a dedicated audience from the website. The website is highly recommended


The front page of the internet, having good karma and reputation in Reddit can get you ton load of page view and you can ask for criticism and have a good discussion on topics that you are interested.

Use social bookmarking websites

Websites like Buffer , stumble upon, Digg , delicious are some of the best social bookmarking websites available these websites are very useful.

Automate sharing

IFTTT is one of the best websites to automate sharing, it will help you to share your articles once you published it on several different social media, forums, social book marking websites etc.

Comment on other blogs

This can help to get a guest blog and also appreciate contents that are helpful

Produce viral content

Believe me, everyone wants to create viral content, but most people fail to. The best way to get loads of traffic is by writing list article that people are willing to read and share by themselves.

Write about influencers in your niche

Try to write about them and who knows you might get a share from them or even an opportunity to collaborate.

Interview fellow bloggers about their blogging journey or discuss about specific topics.

Create podcast

People like Pat Flynn has created success podcasts and collaborated with many bloggers in the years. His blog passive income is very successful and earns six figure revenue a month.

Redesign your website

Make your blog look good and less clutter , reorganize any features if necessary.

Keep a popular post list

This is very helpful in making new readers  to read your popular contents.

Invest in your blog

After earning some money don’t forget to reinvest to your blog, to create new features or create fun events through the blog.

Create webinar or workshops

If you are an influencer and want to reach out more blogger its advised to hold webinar or workshops and meet people who are willing to learn and hear you.

Write controversial topics

Writing controversial posts, or attacking sacred cows in your niche, can be very powerful for generating traffic and boosting your exposure; this article on Shopify showed how publishing a controversial post can help skyrocket a blogger’s fame and traffic.

Convert Your Blog Posts into PDFs and Submit to PDF/Document Sharing Sites

Convert your blog posts into a PDF and submit it to PDF sharing sites; make sure that the final PDF file includes your bio and a link to your site so that people know how to find your blog after they finish reading the PDF

spend money for blog publicity, spend money on  AdWords, Facebook advertising etc. This will help boost your blog and reach out more niche reader.

Make blog archive.

Make your blog mobile friendly and optimised

Most of the users nowadays are from mobile or smartphones, Google rewards more for mobile friendly websites

Linkedin groups

Find niche groups on LinkedIn and try to collaborate with other professional bloggers.

Facebook groups

There are many facebook groups that help promote the blog , it’s very good for beginners to promote their blog. If you  are an influencer it’s better to start your own facebook group so that you can avoid spammy comment section.

Join Communities where Bloggers Support Each Other (or Communities Where Bloggers Exchange Shares)

There are secret bloggers club and websites that foster a community where members promote themselves; in short, every community member promotes each other’s content and benefit from the support of a massive community. Two good examples are JustRetweet and Triberr.

Compile and publish an ultimate list of resources/articles on a particular topic; include as many relevant resources as possible and email all the bloggers you featured on your list and ask them to share your article.

Create Your Own Website Plugins

Similar to having your own theme, create your own plugins and give people that use it an option to link back to your blog.

Leverage User Generated Content

Forums, comments and other types of user-generated content can be big wins for your blog; Mizzou Alumni Association was able to boost their site traffic by 15% while Chobani experienced a 225.9% increase in revenue by leveraging the power of User Generated Content.

Google uses a lot of factors to rank websites, including how many links point to a website, but very few people know that Google also ranks you based on how many people you link to.

Start Paying People to Write for You

There are websites that regularly publish lists of sites that pay writers, and these lists occasionally get tens of thousands of views and hundreds of links thus making them highly authoritative. By offering to pay people to write articles on your blog, and emailing the publishers of these lists to include your website, you’ll be getting an instant boost in traffic and an authoritative backlink.

Listen to Your Readers

Sometimes, you’ll notice that certain articles on your blog will become big hits while some will barely get read by anybody; oftentimes, the reason for this has to do with demand for the topic an article covers. If an article is in high demand, it’ll do a great job of promoting itself and traffic will only keep increasing; if an article has low demand, the promotion you do will yield minimal results.

Analyze Your Blog Traffic

The key to blogging success lies in identifying what’s working and doing more of it; once your blog starts to gain traction and get some readership, start paying special attention to your blog traffic to see what kind of content is getting the most views. If you notice a trend with a certain type of content, do more of that type of content and you can be assured of increased traffic.

Master the Best Time to Post

Research shows that the success of a viral campaign can be influenced by the time that campaign is started as well; a study by BuzzSumo that analyzed over 100 million articles came to the conclusion that the best day to publish an article is on a Tuesday, and that articles published on a Tuesday generally get up to 3X more views than articles published on Sundays.

Submit Your Blog to Blog/Website Directories

While not as effective as they used to be, blog and website directories can still be a good source of traffic. Being listed in some blog and website directories can also boost traffic to your blog. Here’s a list of free website directories you can submit your blog too.

Create an App for Your Blog

Create an app for your blog and submit it to Google store and Apple store; regularly invite your readers to download your app and feature it on relevant app sites. If more people download your app, Google will start showcasing it to more of their readers and this will boost your traffic.

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