5 Easy Steps for Fluffing Your Comforters

You know it’s time to cover the beds with cozy comforters when there’s a chill in the air and cold weather sets in. Bedding stored in moisture-resistant bags with the air removed will be clean, but it may be flat, too. Generally stored during the warm seasons, down comforters may become lumpy if the filling was unevenly distributed while they were packed away. Comforters currently in use that appear flat should be freshened, too. A simple fluffing will restore volume, making your bedding plush and cuddly for cold winter nights. Look below to learn how to fluff comforter sets.

1. Clean and Dry

Dry clean or wash your comforter regularly and fluff it often. For best results, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for washing and drying your comforter. Silk and down comforters require special care and typically should be taken to a dry cleaner.

2. Snap It

When your comforter is clean and dry, place it on your bed to fluff it. Hold the bottom edge of the comforter, at the footboard of the bed. Raise the comforter up to eye-level and snap it down with a quick jerk. Allow the comforter to wave, distributing and creating space between the fibers inside, reviving its original loft. Repeat this process four to five times.

3. Use Your Hand

Use your hand to distribute the fill as needed. Look for lumpy areas and smooth them with the heel of your hand and forearm. This technique is usually needed with down-filled comforters.

4. Use a Dryer

Use a clothes dryer for small comforters. Bedding for a single or twin bed can be placed in a dryer on the air fluff cycle. Add a few tennis balls to keep the fabric from balling up. Do not use fabric softener sheets; they can leave a sticky residue on comforters.

5. Rotate and Flip

Rotate and flip your comforter for even wear. Do this each week if the comforter is reversible. If possible, keep an extra comforter set in a linen closet and rotate out every six months. This will help preserve the life of your comforter and let you switch up the look of your bedding.

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