5 Reasons Why People From Any Nation Get Emotional on Independence Day

What’s freedom for all of you? It’s an emotion of being free from the web of violence and partiality, or it’s the expression of bravery? Well, for us, it’s a contrast of both; the feeling of breaking-out the chains of slavery and the manifestation of proving the power of unity and as well as strength!

The words like independence, harmony, strength, and brotherhood are more the expressions of love than just words. Have you witnessed that hustlings and bustling time of independence-eve? Ever saw the chanting streets decorated with the colourful bunting lights and oh, that flag- being waved with all respect and love. You all might be getting the entirely patriotic vibes by reading this and maybe some of you even experiencing Goosebumps.
It is observed that people have an immense and emotional connection with their homeland, and whenever it comes to Independence Day, people get emotional and celebrate it with all spirit. If someone asks you to pen down the reasons which make you and your nation emotional as well as extraordinarily expressive, on Independence Day? We are sure that even after knowing this fact you will be unable to pin down the exact reasons and that’s why the experts say that true love can never be express in words!
Well, we can help you out in this. Although mentioning only five reasons which makes nations emotional on the independence day of their country is almost like capturing the infinity in a shell.

Symbolic Identity

Even if you are not-so-popular personality, still you have one identity which makes your reputation among others, and that is the national identity! You know what? Just like your contribution makes your country valuable similarly, behind your presumed image among the world, the contribution of your country is equal. Although in every nation there are hundreds of culture, there is one thing which makes them united, and that is the culture of their nation that is why on the day of independence people get emotional and express their love through the message of- one nation, one spirit, one culture!

Historical Vibes of Brutality

Back in the time, before independence, with each nation, there is a darkest history associated where people have struggled to their extent and has sacrificed lives while fighting for their rights. We have come across with many stories where humans were brutally killed just because they raised voice against injustice for which they had to pay heavily- women harassment, abusiveness, violence, countless deaths and what not! Do you know? This scenario which disturbs our well-being is the truth which our forefathers have experienced.
So, whenever the day arrives of freedom, all of those historical vibes of brutality and the waves of sadness hit us with the fact that the country in which we are living with all freedom is a fruit for which our beloved ones had to bury themselves. No matter how many years or how many eras may pass, we can never pay back the hard work of our ancestors.

Sentiments of Freedom and Happiness

Recall the days when you were being captivated in the anxiety of exams, the days where you were intensely searching for the college essay writing help and were trying your best to give your 100% just to get the most possible yet expected result. Now, re-live the joy you got when you accomplished you mission-exam, feeling proud? Feeling happy? Just like even the thought of re-living those moments excites your pulses exactly like this, memorizing the day when the world announced and accepted your country as a separate nation just takes you on the 7th sky! Now, imagine the sentiments your pulses acquire whenever you witness the independence day of your country- happy, blissful, and highly patriotic.  Have you ever wondered how eventually your soul develops such sentiments, unintentionally? This is because of the feeling of freedom which fills your pulses with joy! It is more like the thought of living a life of birds- all set free to fly, to explore. No more immersions!

Unconditional Love for the Homeland

No matter at what extent we deny, the fact could never be overlooked that in a country where your birth takes place, owns a huge part of your heart and this fact people realizes when they experience the harmony of celebrating togetherness. Who doesn’t love to celebrate the occasions with their loved ones? We all do! No matter in which country you are living, mark the words that whenever the independence of your country falls in place, you wouldn’t resist to celebrate it, and that’s what we call a true-unconditional-love.

Spiritual Connection

Of course, the thing we own holds a special charm in our hearts, be it our homes or the country we live in! That proud moment we always want to re-live which chills down our spine, whenever someone calls us not by the name, but by the representation of our country- that’s how spiritual we are connected with our homeland. Many times people have to migrate from their countries for some personal reasons, but what remains constant is the connection between the nation and its people. This is the foremost reason which rejuvenates the patriotic connection whenever the day of independence marks its date on the calendars. Do you know why a remarkable date of the freedom just tunes-in the pace of your emotions? Because you two; your country and your soul are tied in a knot of love and unity, which is impossible to set apart.
Independence Day is more than just a date or a day. It’s a celebration of freedom, the message of brotherhood, and the sign of bravery which nations celebrate to praise the hurdles of their forefathers. When people recall the struggling days and the sacrifices of their ancestors, it hits them emotionally and harmonizes the sentiments. Are you in agreement with our presented reasons? Feel free to add in your own opinions as well.
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