5-Steps Secret To Start A Home Business

Start A Home Business Using This 5- Steps Secret

  There are this simple 5-step secret formula to start a home business and make profit in any niche. One of the biggest questions I have received from one of my website visitor and the community is how do you get started a home business and make profit. Well here is a simple 5-steps secret to start a home business that has worked tremendously well for me and other successful marketers all these years. If you are new online and you have no ideas where to start your own a home business, I will help you and giving you my free Ebook course for free right now.

Your First Step To Start A Home Business 

1- Step Is To Create Squeeze page

 And give away something valuable for free to build a mailing list a squeeze page is simply a page which allows you to collect your visitors contact details (such as email)… And in order to convince your visitors to enter their contact details, you will have to offer a free gift that is useful to your target market. So if you start are a home business with  the weight loss niche, an example would be to offer a report titled 5 ways to lose weight without going on a diet. You would want to build a mailing list because you are building an asset and it allows you to market to your subscribers over and over again… To do that, you need an auto-responder like get responseis a feature-rich email marketing solution, fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1 million+ subscribers).

2-Step Secret To Start A Home Business Success 

Build a relationship

When you start a home business you must treated like any business. You must build a good relationship with your subscribers by sending out regular content emails. Your visitors and subscribers become your costumers, you need to maintain a good relationship with your a home business costumers so they will open your emails when you send them. And you can do so by scheduling content emails inside your auto-responder follow-up sequence so the emails will be sent out automatically say once every 2 days…

 3- Step Secret To Start Your A Home Business 

Mail Out Affiliate Promotions

  Promote your affiliate products to your list while obviously you are not going to make any money just by sending content emails… The reason why you would want to build a list is so you can provide value to your subscribers and also eventually sell them something and make money from your a home business. So the simplest way would be to go to an affiliate marketplace like this ones I am using they are free to join their affiliate programs and high commission you will earn. Stay far away from any affiliate programs asking you for fees to join their programs. You starting a home business to make money not to spend money act smart. There is the list of some affiliates I am using and even happy to use their services for my own a home business and my offline business:




Clickbank:  Read this article  What is an Affiliate?

Not sure what an affiliate is? Or what exactly an affiliate does? This article explains the basics of being an affiliate with ClickBank.

Linkhare You sign up for free with linkhare you will find many companies looking for you to be affiliate and earn money.


Look at how much you can make money from hosting company. All the people own website, build or create one they need hosting company just referral them to this side . Just think about it you need hosting site too.
If you send us 21 sign-ups in any month you will get
$125×21 = $2,625


What are you waiting for? Sign up free . 

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers. Be smart you  need this affiliate to build your list and have your own autoresponder and same time you can make money by referral others to use same service you are using.



Find related products on your niche. If you are in the weight loss niche, just type weight loss in the search box or you could browse straight to the Diets & Weight Loss sub-category… Then sort the products according to products reviews to get a gauge which products are selling well.. Select one that you feel will benefit your subscribers and promote your affiliate link through a promotional email that you send to your list. This will be the fastest way you can make money through affiliate marketing and you grow your a home business.

4- Step Secret To Start A Home Business Is To Build Your Blog 

Start A Blog

  For your  niche weight loss, a home business, dating, health and fitness and while monetizing it with affiliate links next up, you should also set up a blog because your blog posts will be indexed in the search engines which will bring you more visitors.. Do some keyword research using Google Keyword Tool and identify some long tail keywords (keywords which contain more words and are less competitive) & optimize your blog posts with these keywords.. Be sure to add a few affiliate banners and links inside your blog posts as well as around your blog…. You want to build your a home business with the best software if you have some budget to start use the same one  I am using for my own a home business.

5- Step Secret Is A Home Business Is To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page and Your Blog

Yes of course nothing will count if you do not have any visitors to your squeeze page or blog. Once you have everything set up, you should start driving traffic! Find out where your target audience is hanging out and the most natural places would be related blogs, forums etc… And post quality forum posts as well as blog comments on these places and you will get traffic in no time! And that is it!

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