6 Things About Islam You Might Not Know

This topic would be so common for the Muslims themselves but for Non-Muslims, it would be so interesting to know certain things they did not know about Islam. Islam is a religion, and “Muslims” are the followers of that religion. The religion asks to Believe in one God, Allah and His Messanger, Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H), all the four holy Books Quran, Bible, Torah, Zabur. It is Mandatory for the Muslims to take care of every human being as their obligation, pray before God five times a day, Perform Hajj at least once in life if capable of doing, physically and financially. This is amazing to know that by obeying the orders of God, about two million Pilgrims takes the opportunity to perform Hajj, many traveling companies offer various Hajj Packages to the families and individuals for this cause. The most important thing to know is that Islam is the second-largest religion in the world have uncountable believers all over the world.

Amazing Things to Know about Islam:

Islam is a religion of peace, love, and tolerance Muslims believe. There are a lot of other things a person should know about Islam, here are those glimpses, have a look.

  • Jesus, A prophet of Allah, Muslims believe:

In Islam, People believe Jesus to be a prominent Prophet of Allah and its Messanger who was provided the power of performing miracles. Although there is a difference between Muslim and Christain Schools of thoughts and they see Jesus with a different eye. But of course, the thing important to many is what commonly people believe on. Islamic teachings tell to respect the other beliefs and that is why Muslims from all around the world recognize the other beliefs too. Muslims consider the Christians the Brothers believe in a book which they also believe, Muslims believe in the Bible, it is one of the Holy books like Torah and Zabur.

  • Equal Respect for All the Prophets sent By God:

Respect is the fundamental value Islam gives. You would listen to the word “Hazrat”, Means respected, mostly by the Muslims when they call the name of any respected person. They also use the R.A (Rehmatullah Alaye) for the prominent figures done a very great service for Islam and the Muslim community. S.A.W is used after the name of Prophet Muhammad, that means May the blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). For Jesus, Moses and the other prominent Prophets in Islam, People uses AS (pronounced as Alayhi Salam) Means peace to be upon him.

  • 99 Beautiful Names of God:

There are 99 names of the God, commonly called Allah, it is an Arabic.Some of them are these, Ar-Rehman Means Merciful, Raheem Means kind, Al-Ghaffar, the All-Forgiving; Al-Aleem, the All-Knowing; Al-Wadood, the All-Loving; and Al-Hadi, the Guide. The interesting aspect of all this that these all names tells the different qualities of God which God have and get happy if its people Call him by His Names. The more interesting thing here is that Allah is the Arabic word for God. In Arabic, the pronoun used to refer to Allah doesn’t imply any gender. In English, however, God is referred to using ‘He’. But for respect, Allah is used as common.

  • Ramadan is not only for Muslims, but it’s also a social festival

For many, maybe it is the common knowledge that the holy month of Ramadan is only for Muslims because they practice fasting and prayers around the month. But of course not, Ramadan has become the Global festival everyone respect and regard for. In Ramadan, the Muslim community used to fast all the day, from Dawn to dusk, don’t eat or drink anything, don’t do bad deeds, pray regularly and take care of others as an obligation. For non-Muslims, it is really interesting to take this event as a social festival and should celebrate the month and after that the Eid day, when people enjoy and celebrate. Tourists who roam all around the year may have the experience of enjoying Ramadan with the Muslim communities.

  • Learning How Muslims greet each other:

In Muslim communities, just like the other ones, have their own values and norms. Greeting each other is a good gesture you can give to the other person when you are in a community. While meeting, saying Assalam o Alaikum means Hello, literally, Peace be Upon You.In return, Walaikum Salaam been said which means the Same peace on you. It is basic communication, For thankyou, you would say Shukran in Arabic and Shukriya in Urdu. All the other languages may have some other words to use for greetings but the common words are the same.

  • Women in Islam, A big Misunderstanding:

Women in Islam have a very significant place, equal to men I would say. Let me tell you a fact you might have not listened to it before. Do you know Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was married to the businesswomen Hazrat Khadija (AS)? She was much older than Him (P.B.U.H). Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) proposed Khadija (R.A) and they got married. This is one of the examples of freedom of choice, freedom of economics rights, and the freedom of property. Women can inherit, take divorce on priority if she doesn’t want to live with the partner. There is no space of the sexist ideas in Islam often prevailed wrongly and misquoted.

That was literally a small glimpse of the things I wanted to share with you, at last, it is needed to say that respect and understanding are the basic roots of any peaceful society to exist in a civil way. It helps and works if society grows with respecting the beliefs and views of each other. He religious harmony is a way forward for every society on earth. May God Bless you.

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