8 Different and Surprising Uses of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, a scrumptious blend of seemingly ordinary ingredients, is a garnishment well known to most of us. This humble emulsion of oil, egg yolk and vinegar can turn the most mundane recipe into a flavoursome delicacy. Its uses span across a plethora of food categories covering almost everything from simple chips and crisps to burgers and pizzas.

Found in almost every fridge, it is used to enrich countless dishes.
It is also available in a variety of flavors to cater to the tastes of different people. Mayonnaise, just like cheese, can certainly be labeled as a wonder ingredient to uplift the taste quotient of plenty of edibles.
But its use is not limited to just adding flavor. It can be used as a hack for many different purposes. You will be surprised as I was, to see what functions this cream-colored gel can perform.

1. Glossy plants

If you happen to have large-leafed plants at home or office, you might just get a glossier version of it.
All you need is a jar of mayo and a few minutes to spare.
To do this, first, you might want to dust your plants to avoid dust chunks. Then take a dab of mayo on a cloth and use it to clean the leaves one by one. The result will be warm pleasant sunlight shimmering off your green little earthlings.

2. The Stain Remover

Mayonnaise can be applied to an array of surfaces to remove stains, rendering the surfaces squeaky clean. You canbuy mayonnaise in wholesale quantity and store at your home for using it in different purposes. Let’s explore this feature:Stainless steel:
  • If your steel items have lost their luster with smudges and fingermarks, it’s time to open that jar of mayo. Dab a clean cloth in mayo and run it over the surface to have glistened. You may now see your face on the surface.

Sticker marks:

  • Are you as irritated by the sight of a sticker marks on your things as I am?
  • Worn off stickers or labels are a nuisance for everyone. Just like cockroaches. Just so ugly.
  • But mayo can shine that awful smudge just like a godmother sparkles up a rusty Cinderella.
  • Just apply sufficient mayo to a cloth and rub it thoroughly against the residue and scrub it off.
  • This will render the surface with a look it previously adored.

3. Squeaky hinges

Do squeaky hinges drive you nuts? Not to worry sir. Take a dash of mayo on your finger and smear it on and around the sliding faces of the affected hinge and then open and close it many times to let the mayo slide in between the joints and poof. Squeaking vanished.

4. Mayo Moisturizer

Ever glanced at those rough patches on your skin? Like on the knees, heels or elbows? You might be feeling conscious about them every once in a while. But our good old friend mayo can provide you some comfort here.
Mayo is an excellent skin conditioner and can do wonders on those hideous patches. Just dab some mayo over the patch and let it rest for around 10 minutes. Then rinse off the area clean. Repeat thrice a week for optimum results.

5. Mayo Manicure and Conditioner

Mayonnaise has great conditioning properties. It can be used to assist your nail manicure. Whenever you plan to manicure your nails, soak them into some mayo. Mayo will moisturize your cuticles and strengthen them with its protein content.
Due to its egg content, mayo is an amazing conditioner for your hair. It can relax your scalp of the most brutal itchiness and dryness. It’s just as effective as simple it is to use.
Just apply a good amount of mayo on your scalp and gently massage it all over. Let it stay there for around half an hour and then proceed to wash.
After a rinse and shampoo session, your hair should feel a lot silkier and smooth and your scalp will be as relaxed as a baby’s little bum swinging gently against the breeze.

6. Gum Remover

If you have ever had gum stuck in your hair, you would know that your options apart from the dreadful pair of scissors are pretty scarce. There is not much one can do about it but things can surely get less gloomy by using mayo. Justbuy mayonnaise packets and rub some over the affected portion of your hair and slide down the gum with ease. The texture of mayo facilitates the smooth removal of gum without damaging your hair.

7. Ring Remover

Ever had a ring stuck over your finger which won’t budge from your skin? If not, you probably will face such a situation someday. When you do so, do not worry; just grab a jar of mayo and apply some around your finger.
Keep rubbing it around and over the ring. Let it stay for a minute or so and then slide the ring effortlessly off your finger.

8. Water Marks Remover

Watermarks may develop on the surfaces you wiped or where water drops had been resting for a while. They are definitely not a delight to watch and can be tough to remove. But with a dab of some mayo on a cloth, the surface can be brought back to its original luster within no-time.
So we can see that the uses of this simple sandwich ingredient goes far beyond the reaches of a kitchen.
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