Adboot Review

Adboot is an affiliate network where affiliates can make money by promoting offers. It provides multiple monetization solutions to affiliates. Adboot is one of the very few affiliate networks which also offer CPM based solutions along with CPA and CPL solutions. It uses CPA, CPL, CPI and CPM pricing models to pay its affiliates.

So, if you are looking for an affiliate network which could also work as a CPM ad network then Adboot could be a great choice for you. It offers smart links, banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and redirects as its solutions to affiliates. These solutions are CPA and CPM based, so, its up to you whether you monetize your traffic via CPA or CPM based ads.

Since, Adboot doesn’t provide direct offers to promote, so, i can’t say the number of offers it provides to affiliates. However, it offers highest fill rates for its ads and smart links. And, all ads offered by Adboot are of high quality. The payout rates offered by Adboot are fully dynamic and depend on various factors like country, device, OS etc.

Adboot has liberal terms and it accepts all kind of website in non-adult niche. So, you can monetize any of your website with it except adult content websites.

Apart from high quality ads, it also offers some other great facilities to affiliates like low minimum payout, real-time stats reporting system, daily payments and multiple payment options.

Adboot Review

Offers Both CPA And CPM based Ads:

As i have already mentioned above, Adboot is one of the very few affiliate networks which offer both CPA and CPM based solutions to affiliates. Since, it offers both CPM and CPA based ads, so, there’s no need to use multiple networks to monetize your website. Multiple ad formats also make it easier for affiliates to easily monetize their website with their solutions.

Multiple Ad Formats:

This is one of the best part about this network. It offers multiple ad formats to affiliates to monetize their website. You can promote their smart links or ads to monetize your website. It offers banners, pop-under ads, pop-ups and redirects which let you easily monetize your website.

They also offer category based ads which let you promote only the best suited ads on your website.

Detailed Real-Time Stats Reporting System:

Adboot offers a very detailed stats reporting system to affiliates where they can generate various type of reports. With its stats reporting system you can generate leads report, clicks report, daily report, trends report and referrals reports.

Since, its stats reporting system shows stats in real-time, so, there’s no need to wait for any specific amount of time to see your stats changing.

Its stats reporting system also offers various filters and graphs which let you easily analyze your reports.

Low Minimum Payout:

In terms of payment related things, Adboot comes ahead of many other affiliate networks. It offers a very low minimum payout limit of only 10$ to affiliates. So, even new affiliates can easily reach this minimum payout limit to withdraw their earnings.

Quick Payments:

As i already mentioned above, in terms of payment related things this network is far better than many other affiliate networks. It doesn’t like making its affiliates wait for their payments. So, it pays them on daily basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

Adboot likes to pay its affiliates on their preferred payment options and therefore, it offers multiple payment options to them. It pays its affiliates via PayPal, Payza and Skrill.

Offers A Referral Program:

Adboot offers a referral program to its affiliates so that they can earn some extra income by referring other affiliates to it. However, its referral program is not very attractive. On Adboot, if you refer new members to it then you will get 5$ per referral on their first cash-out of 50$.

Adboot Details At A Glance:

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