AdLock Media Review

AdLock Media is CPA model based performance marketing network. It has specialization in content locking technology, incentive CPA offers and CPI mobile app installs.

This network offers a great platform to affiliates where they can monetize their worldwide traffic with various high paying offers and content locking solutions. Their sophisticated content locking tools let affiliates earn higher revenue with their content locking technology.

Their content locking solutions enhance users experience and at the same time generate higher revenue for affiliates. The various solutions offered to affiliates are:

  • Content Locker
  • Link Locker
  • File Locker
  • Offer Wall
  • Smart Link Tools

AdLock Media offers one of the best locking tools with which you can protect your premium content. Their lockers target the visitors based on their country, device and many other factors and show them the best offers that convert well. Also, their incentive friendly Offer Wall gives affiliates the flexibility to ask their visitors to complete offers by incentivizing them.

Their offer wall shows the best CPA and CPI offers to visitors which are easy to complete and therefore, it results in higher earnings for affiliates.

In addition to their offer wall they also offer a smart link tool. This smart link tool lets affiliates to maximize their revenue by redirecting their visitors to best performing offers. Their smart links automatically pick the best offers for your visitors based on their country, device, OS and many other factors.

This automated targeting gives the freedom to affiliates from selecting offers out of thousands of available offers. Also, because of this advanced automated targeting your visitors are shown best offers that convert well. This result in higher conversion and ultimately higher earnings for affiliates.

AdLock Media’s proprietary tracking platform is optimized for best performance. It ensures that affiliates will get the highest rates for their traffic. Their tracking platform provides in-depth real-time reporting of your stats.

Apart from lots of high paying offers and multiple monetization tools, this network also offers various great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include low minimum payout, timely payments, multiple payment options, incentive and non-incentive offers, detailed real-time stats, dedicated support, loyalty program and a referral program for additional income.

AdLock Media Review

Lots Of High Paying And Best Converting Offers:

AdLock Media provides lots of high paying and best converting offers to affiliates. They have best CPI and CPA offers for affiliates. Also, they provide both incent and non-incent offers to affiliates which give them the flexibility to promote the offers of their choice.

As far as the payout rates for offers are concerned, their rates are above average. Also, they have offers for worldwide affiliates, so, affiliates from any part of the world can monetize their traffic with them.

At the time of writing this review, they had 5900+ offers for affiliates to promote. By this huge number of offers you can understand that on this network you can find best offers of your choice to promote.

Easy Account Approval:

Though, this network is very selective in selecting affiliates but they do not have very hard and fast requirements from affiliates. Also, there’s no need to give any kind of interview on phone, Skype or on any other platform.

The all you need to get approval on this network is to fill up their form properly with all necessary details. The better you fill up their form the higher the chances for your account approval. So, make sure to provide all necessary details while registering on their network.

Various Monetization And Tracking Tools:

AdLock Media offers one of the best monetization and tracking tools in the industry. It provides various content locking tools that affiliates can use to protect and monetize their premium content.

There are various other monetization and tracking tools available on their network that affiliates can use to monetize their content and track their offers. Some of the tools offered by this network are:

Monetizing Tools:
  • Link Lockers
  • Content Lockers
  • Offer Walls
  • Smart Link
  • Offer Optimizer
API & Postback:
  • Offers API
  • Postback Setup
  • Postback Tester
  • Postbacks Log

Detailed And Real-time Stats Reporting System:

Like its tools, AdLock Media offers one of the best stats reporting system in the industry which shows stats in real-time. With their stats reporting system affiliates can generate different types of reports and quickly optimize their offers based on their performance.

The types of reports that you can generate with their stats reporting system are daily report, leads report, offers report, countries report and bad lead reports.

Their stats reporting system also offers various filters and graphs which make it easier for affiliates to analyze their reports and take necessary actions based on performance.

Their stats reporting system shows clicks, leads, revenue, conversions, average CPA, EPC etc.

Low Minimum Payout:

AdLock Media doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to affiliates and therefore, it offers a very low minimum payout limit to them. The minimum payout on this network is only 50$.

Since, the minimum payout limit is low and this network offers various high quality monetization solutions to affiliates, so, reaching this minimum payout limit is not difficult. Even new affiliates can reach this limit with little efforts.

Flexible Payment Terms:

AdLock Media offers flexible payment terms to affiliates so that they can quickly withdraw their earnings. By default all payments on this network are made on Net 30 basis. But, you can apply for quicker payment terms.

They also pay affiliates on Net 15, Net 7 and Weekly basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

Like all of its other premium facilities, here also this network doesn’t disappoint affiliates. It offers multiple payment options to them so that they can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options.

The payment options offered by this network are PayPal, Payoneer Card, Payoneer Local Bank Transfer and Bitcoin.

Loyalty Program For Loyal Affiliates:

AdLock Media likes keeping its affiliates motivated and therefore, it offers a loyalty program to its loyal affiliates. They give loyalty points to affiliates who earn money through their network, review their network on various websites or simply promote their network on various platforms.

These loyalty points can be redeemed for different prizes listed on their network.

Referral Program For Additional Income:

Like some of the popular affiliate networks, AdLock Media also knows the importance of referral program and therefore, it offers a good referral program to affiliates. It offers a 3% lifetime referral commission program to affiliates. So, if you want to earn some additional income then you can promote their network.

AdLock Media Details At A Glance:

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