Adscend Media Review

Ascend Media is an affiliate network for website owners and app developers where they can monetize their inventory by promoting affiliate links and offers. The revenue model used by Adscend Media are CPA, CPL, CPS, and CPI. Ascend Media provides lots of offers to affiliates based on their targeted countries.

It has offers for all countries. The majority of offers on Adscend Media are of application installation and sign up on advertisers website. On Adscend Media you get over 2000 offers with global fill. Also, they add over 60 offers everyday.

Apart from the offers, Adscend Media offers various content locking tools. If you have anything valuable that you don’t want to give free to your visitors then you can monetize it with Adscend Media’s locking solution. You can lock your content, downloadable files, links and even videos.

There are various reasons to join Adscend Media:

A Reliable Affiliate Network:

Adscend Media is a very old affiliate network, it is online since 2008. Being online for around 9 years itself shows how reliable this affiliate network is. Any inexperienced, poorly managed or scam affiliate network cannot survive that long period of time. Timely payouts and lots of positive reviews all around the web itself tell the story. Also, having over 30,000 affiliates also indicate that this affiliate network is reliable.

So, if you want to join a professional affiliate network which has an experienced staff then Adscend Media could be a great choice for you.

Lots Of Offers For Worldwide Affiliates:

As i already mentioned above Adscend Media has over 2000 live offers and they add over 60 offers on daily basis. So, you can understand you will never fell short of offers and affiliate links. Wherever you live or from which country your traffic comes doesn’t matter on Adscend Media and not even affect much your earning potential through their platform.

They have offers for all countries, so, you will find at least few offers of your choice to promote and earn through their platform.

Low Minimum Payout:

Even after being a popular affiliate network, Adscend Media has kept its minimum payout low for the ease of affiliates to reach that limit easily. On Adscend Media the minimum payout is 50$, where some other top affiliate networks have kept it high.

Multiple Payment Options:

Adscend Media provides multiple payment options to affiliates so that they can withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment option. It offers PayPal, ACH, Check, Payoneer and Bank Wire Transfer.

Timely Payouts:

Adscend Media pays its affiliates on time and every time. They pay their affiliates on Net 30 terms. However, they take special care of their premium affiliates, to them they make payments even more quicker. So, if you think you can deliver the quality traffic for their campaigns then you can expect early payments from them.

Variety Of Locking Tools:

Adscend Media’s content locking tools give you additional opportunity to monetize your premium content. The tools offered by Adscend Media are Mobile Video Locker, AdLock Link, AdLock Vault, AdLock Widget and AdLock API.

With these locking tools you can lock your video, articles, downloadable files etc.

Advanced Stats Reporting System:

Adscend Media offers an advanced stats reporting system to affiliates where they can see all necessary stats of their affiliate links and offers they are promoting. Its stats reporting system comprises of various filters like time period, offers, country, AdLock, offer wall, mobile video, sub id and lead list.

Its stats reporting system shows country, clicks, leads, EPC, conversion %, revenue, % of clicks, CR, total balance, last payment, all payments etc. It also offers a graph where you can see your earnings for last 24 hours, last 14 days and last 30 days.

Adscend Media Details At A Glance:

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