AdultRenn Review

AdultRenn is an affiliate network dedicated to adult industry. It provides multiple monetizing and advertising solutions to affiliates and advertisers. With this network, affiliates can earn higher income by simply promoting their high quality offers whereas advertisers can reach their target audience.

AdultRenn aims to provide quality service, a variety of offers, higher earnings and ROI to affiliates and advertisers. It has different kind of adult offers which generate higher EPC for affiliates resulting in higher earnings for them. Also, the quality offers from top advertisers make it easier for affiliates to promote and earn higher income from their network.

They have offers from various top brands like Brazzers, PornHub, Utaku, Babes, Realitydudes etc which you can easily promote through your website, apps or any other way. Also, they have offers of different payout rates from high to low, so, its up to you to select the type of offers you want to promote.

In addition to that they provide both incent and non-incent offers to affiliates which give them the freedom to select and promote the offers of their choice. And the best part, they accept all kinds of traffic – desktop, mobile, tablet, social, pop, redirect etc. I will discuss more about the acceptable traffic later in this review.

AdultRenn helps every affiliate who wants to earn money from their network.

Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, worldwide affiliates can join this network. As i have already mentioned above that this network helps every affiliate who wants to earn money from their network, so, they provide easy account approval to them. Affiliates just need good quality traffic to get approval on this network. They have liberal terms and also, they do not have very hard and fast affiliate requirements. So, any affiliate who wants to earn money can join their network.

Apart from high quality offers from top brands, they also offer various great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include advanced platform, live stats, flexible payment terms, multiple payment options and dedicated support.

For Advertisers:

AdultRenn is a performance network which works with advertisers of all sizes. Since, it is a performance network, so, here advertisers pay only for results. With AdultRenn, you can quickly start promoting your campaigns and easily accomplish your marketing goals.

Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, advertisers can target customers from any part of the world. They have lots of worldwide affiliates who can generate sales/leads from any part of the world.

AdultRenn works with potential affiliates who actually deliver high quality traffic through various means. It uses three different advertising models – CPA, CPS and CPI, so, advertisers can use any of these models to run their campaigns.

Apart from the high quality traffic, it also offers various great facilities to advertisers. These facilities include advanced advertising platform, multiple advertising models, effective tools, detailed and live stats, multiple payment options and dedicated support.

AdultRenn Review

Sufficient Number Of Offers From Top Brands:

AdultRenn provides sufficient number offers out of which you can select the offers of your choice to promote. They provide offers from various top brands which make it easier for you to promote the offers and generate higher revenue from their network.

Also, they have offers of various verticals which again make it easier for you to promote their offers on various niche websites and apps.

They also provide both incent and non-incent offers to affiliates, so, you can promote any kind of offers you want. As far as the payout rates are concerned, they have above average rates and they have offers of all types from simple low paying to high paying offers.

At the time of writing this review they had 100+ offers of various verticals.

Easy Account Approval:

As they say they help every affiliate who wants to make money from their network and therefore, they provide easy account approval to them. If you have some good quality traffic, niche website or app then your account will be easily approved by them.

AdultRenn doesn’t have very hard and fast requirements for affiliates. Also, since it is a global affiliate network, so, affiliates from any part of the world can apply to join this network.

They Accept All Types Of Traffic:

This is the best thing about this network as they accept all kind of traffic. You can send incent, non-incent, mobile, tablet, web, redirect, pop, in-app, social traffic etc to them. They have offers for all kind of traffic, so, you can promote their offers with different kind of traffic.

Real-Time Stats Reporting System:

If you don’t like waiting to see your stats changing then you can join this network. It provides detailed stats to affiliates which change in real time. Their live stats reporting system helps you to quickly optimize your offers for maximum revenue.

On their stats reporting system you can generate two types of reports- General Reports and Conversion Report. Their stats reporting system not only shows detailed stats but also presents your stats in graphical form so that you can easily analyze your reports.

Their stats reporting system shows clicks, conversions, earnings, date, offer, CR etc.

Timely Payments And Flexible Payment Terms:

AdultRenn pays its affiliates on time so that affiliates can enjoy working with their network. They don’t like delaying any payment, instead they offer flexible payment terms to affiliates so that they can withdraw their earnings even quicker.

If you have quality traffic then you can contact your account manager for faster payment terms. By default all affiliates are paid on Net 30 terms but they can apply for Net 15 payment schedule.

AdultRenn Details At A Glance:

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