AdWork Media Review

AdWork Media is one of the very popular affiliate network. It is also one of the most award winning, very innovative and professionally developed affiliate network. You can check some of the awards on their website that they have won in past couple of years.

The reason behind the popularity of this network is the quality of service that it provides to its affiliates. If you want to check the popularity of this network then you can search its reviews on various ad network directories, review websites and forums. It has lots of positive reviews all around the web. Few reviews can be biased but not every review. Therefore, you can understand why it is so popular.

It has a highly advanced platform that lets you monetize your all traffic, whether web or mobile, it doesn’t matter. If you have traffic then they will monetize it for you. They have offers for all countries that you can promote. In addition to that their highly advanced and innovative tools make it even easier to monetize your traffic.

AdWork Media is not like an average affiliate network, it is more than that. They have various content locking solutions with innovative tools. They have mastered in that field. With their locking service you can monetize almost everything and for every country.

You can monetize your content, downloadable files, links, apps, plugins, coupons, reviews, videos, guides, ebooks or anything you feel premium that can’t be given for free to your visitors.

They also provide product locking service, which you can’t find on other affiliate networks. They are the one who introduced this concept of product locking.

AdWork Media has over 2500+ live offers that you can promote on your website, apps, social fan page or anywhere on internet. They have offers for all countries, so, there’s no need to worry about the availability of offers for your country or traffic.

Moreover, they provide offers of various verticals that make it easier for you to select and promote offers of your choice. They have both incent and non-incent offers which again give you freedom to select offers of your choice.

There are lots of reasons to join AdWork Media:

Any affiliate network which is popular, is popular because of some reasons. Nothing gets popular for doing nothing. AdWork Media is a premium affiliate network. It provides great facilities to affiliates that affiliates love.

It provides them tonnes of offers of various verticals, various monetization and tracking tools, 24/7 dedicated support, multiple payment options, flexible payment terms, low minimum payout, referral program and much more.

A Reliable Affiliate Network:

AdWork Media is among one of the oldest affiliate networks. It was founded in 2022 and since then it is running successfully. It is growing big every year. Any scam affiliate network can not gain that much popularity and survive for that long duration. This itself states that how good is this affiliate network.

AdWork Media is an affiliate network on which you can trust confidently. Unlike some affiliate networks which scrub your leads and eat up you commissions. Adwork Media is totally against scrubbing and therefore, it pays you what you have earned. On AdWork Media, you will be paid for every lead and everything is fully transparent.

It makes timely payments to affiliates. So, you will never have to worry about payments. Moreover, they even have flexible payment terms for professional affiliates which simply means the better you perform the quicker you will get paid.

Lots Of Offers:

Any affiliate network is good, if it provides sufficient number of offers to promote. AdWork Media not only provides lots of offers to affiliates but provides global offers of various verticals.

It has over 2500 live offers out of which you can select the offers of your choice. There are both incent and non-incent offers, so, you can promote the offers of your choice.

Since, AdWork Media is a professional affiliate network and online for over 7 years, so, it has lots of global advertising partners. These global advertisers let AdWork Media to provide you lots of worldwide offers.

Due to the high quantity of global advertising partners, you will never fell short of offers.

Easy Sign Up And Approval:

AdWork Media provides easy sign up and approval for potential affiliates. To sign up on AdWork Media you need to fill up their registration form and submit it.

Their sign up form asks you about your promotional methods and some basic details. If you fill these details properly then most probably you will get approval from their affiliate managers. They have simple terms, so, even if you are new to affiliate networks with some good promotional strategies then you can easily get approval.

A Wide Range Of Tools:

Since, AdWork Media is a premium affiliate network and therefore, it provides a wide range of tools to affiliates. AdWork Media is one of the very few affiliate networks that offer this range of tools. It has all tools for monetization and tracking.

The tools offered by AdWork Media are:

Monetization Tools: content locker, link locker, product locker, offer wall, smart links, global traffic monetizer, banner rotator etc.

Tracking and Other Tools: postback services, pixel manager, custom tracking domains, API campaign feeds and reporting, apps (Android and iOS), WordPress plugin, email notification, and expired campaign API checker.

Powerful Tracking And Reporting:

AdWork Media provides a robust platform to affiliates. This not only offers them powerful features and tools but it also offers them a powerful tracking and reporting system.

Their stats reporting system shows campaign reports, lead reports, country, gateway, product locker, country, device, sub id reports etc.

Their stats reporting system is very detailed and offers various filters to breakdown reports. You can better check their stats reporting system by yourself. Their android, iOS apps and WordPress plugin let you see your reports on the go.

Low Minimum Payout:

Unlike some other top and new affiliate networks which impose high payout limits on affiliates. AdWork Media likes to keep it simple and easy. It offers a low minimum payout limit for affiliates, so, all level affiliates can easily withdraw their earnings.

The minimum payout on AdWork Media is only 35$.

Payment Frequency:

AdWork Media has flexible payment terms for affiliates but it depends on affiliates potential. However, their basic payment scheme is Net 30 basis.

For top affiliates they offer fast payments on Net 7 and Net 15 basis. For this, you need to contact your account manager.

Payment options:

Since, AdWork Media is a premium affiliate network, so, it offers multiple payment options to affiliates. It has much more payment options than any other ordinary affiliate network.

The payment options offered by AdWork Media are PayPal, Check, Payoneer, Payza, ACH Direct Deposit (US only), Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer, and Local Bank Transfer powered by Payoneer.

Dedicated Support:

Support is a key factor when it comes to joining an affiliate network. And, even in this field AdWork Media remains ahead. It provides 24/7 great support to affiliates. It allocates dedicated account managers to each and every affiliate account.

These dedicated managers not only answer your queries but also help to better optimize your offers. For any kind of help, you can always contact your account managers. They provide support via email and Skype.

Referral Program:

AdWork Media provides additional opportunity to affiliates to earn some extra cash by referring new affiliates to it. It offers a 3% referral commission program.

AdWork Media Details At A Glance:

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