ADX Master Review

ADX Master is a premium affiliate network which focuses on providing high quality service to its clients. From this network, affiliates can expect better results and higher earnings than any other affiliate network whereas advertisers can be assured of getting maximum return on investments.

They have a 6 years of experience in affiliate marketing field and therefore, they know about the needs of affiliates and advertisers. So, to provide them a great service they offer them an advanced platform which is developed to meet the requirements of affiliates and advertisers effectively.

To affiliates this network provides high quality, top paying and best converting offers as they provide them only those offers which pass their various testing procedures. They check all offers for quality, payouts and conversion before making them available for affiliates to ensure their network’s quality.

And, to all of their advertisers they provide all sort of tools to run their campaigns effectively. As far as the traffic quality is concerned this network only works with the professional affiliates who can actually deliver high quality traffic to campaigns. And, since it is performance based network so advertisers can remain assured that they will be only paying for results.

Also, since ADX Master is a global affiliate network, so, it has lots of worldwide affiliates who can deliver you high quality traffic from any part of the world. Moreover, these affiliates provide both mobile and web traffic, so, you can run any kind of campaign on this network.

As far as their tools are concerned, they have the best tools in the business. They give their clients one of the most sophisticated tracking tools which provide them accurate and real time results that help them to make right decisions quickly. This ultimately helps both affiliates and advertisers to generate maximum profit from their network.

Some of the best tools offered by this network are Postback, Multi-site Postback and API.

ADX Master has advanced fraud detection and protection system which keeps affiliates and advertisers safe form any kind of fraud activities.

Apart from high paying offers and advance platform, ADX Master also offers some great facilities to affiliates like low minimum payout, multiple payment options, detailed stats reporting system, referral program and a dedicated support.

ADX Master Review

There are various reasons to join this network:

Lots Of High Quality, Top Converting and Best Paying Offers:

As i have already mentioned above in the review that this network only provides the best offers to affiliates which pass through their various testing procedures. So, affiliates can remain assured that they will only get the best offers to promote on this network.

Also, they provide lots of offers of various verticals which give you the freedom to select the best offers of your choice to promote. Moreover, there are all types of offers available for affiliates like offers for web and mobile traffic, incent offers, non-incent offers etc. So, you can always choose the offers of your choice to promote them on any niche website or app.

At the time of writing this review, it had 850+ live offers to promote, which is sufficient for an affiliate to choose the offers of his/her choice.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Like some other top affiliate networks, ADX Master also offers a very detailed stats reporting system where you can see all necessary stats of the offers you are promoting. On its stats reporting system you can generate various kind of reports like conversion report, country report, sub-id report, device report, referral report etc.

Its stats reporting system also offers various filters that you can use to filter out your stats for better analysis. Also, it provides a graph which shows weekly stats of the offers you are promoting.

Low Minimum Payout:

ADX Master doesn’t like keeping a high minimum payout limit for affiliates so that they can easily reach that limit and withdraw their earnings. The minimum payout on it is only 50$ that even new affiliates can easily reach with little efforts.

Multiple Payment Options:

ADX Master lets its affiliates easily withdraw their earnings on the payment options of their choice and therefore, it provides them three different payment options. These payment options are PayPal, Wire Transfer and Check.

Referral Program:

Though, its referral program is not very attractive but it offers one which let you earn some extra income by promoting their network. It offers a 2% referral program to affiliates, so, if you have some affiliate friends or colleagues then you can refer them to their network to earn some extra money.

ADX Master Details At A Glance:

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