AffBits Affiliate Network Review

AffBits is an affiliate network where affiliates can make money by promoting offers, whereas advertisers can accomplish their marketing goals. It provides an advanced platform to affiliates and advertisers which helps them to earn highest profit from their network. With AffBits, affiliates can earn a handsome monthly income by promoting their high paying offers and advertisers can get maximum ROI because of their global reach.

AffBits provides offers of various verticals to affiliates that they can promote on their websites, forums, apps, social pages etc. The earning potential on AffBits is limitless, so, affiliates can earn as much as they want.

Since, it provides offers of various verticals, even CryptoCurrency, so, affiliates can easily monetize their any kind of websites and apps. Their offers are available for both web and mobile traffic, so, again you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have traffic then you can monetize it with their network.

They provide only hot offers which convert well for affiliates and therefore, you can expect better earnings on this network. Also, they have all sort of offers from high paying offers to simple low paying offers, so, you are free to choose the offers of your choice to promote.

Apart from hot high paying offers, AffBits also provides some great facilities to affiliates like timely payouts, flexible payment terms, multiple payment options, detailed stats and a dedicated support.

AffBits Affiliate Network Review

There are various simple reasons to join this network:

AffBits provides only top trending offers which convert well for affiliates. It has offers of various verticals, so, you can monetize any niche website or app with them. Some of the verticals offered by AffBits are products, health and fitness, dating, CryptoCurrency, mobile, dating, games, sweepstakes etc.

Also, they have all kind of offers from high paying offers to simple low paying offers that you can easily promote to earn a handsome income with their network. At the time of writing this review it had 125+ offers of various verticals. Also, at the time of review the highest paying offer was paying 550$ for generating lead.

Easy Account Approval:

This is the thing that new affiliates want from any affiliate network. AffBits provides an easy account approval to affiliates. If you have a good website that you think can generate revenue with affiliate networks then you can apply to join this network. They do not have very hard and fast requirements and also, they don’t take hard affiliate interviews.

Once you fill up their sign up form then they review your application and if they find it eligible for their network then you will get approval from them. In most cases affiliates get easy approval. This network is also good for new potential affiliates who are building niche websites.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Like some top affiliate networks, AffBits also offers a detailed stats reporting system which shows each and every thing about the offers you are promoting. With their stats reporting system you can generate various kind of reports like daily report, conversion report, offers, banners, country, OS, Device, subid based reports etc.

Their stats reporting system also offers various filters that you can use to filter out your reports for better analysis. Moreover, it also offers a graph which shows the stats of last 10 days.

Timely Payouts:

AffBits likes paying its affiliates on time so that affiliates can remain assured of timely payments. They never delay any payments and to maintain their timely payouts their financial team works really hard.

Flexible Payment Terms:

AffBits pays its affiliates based on their performance which means, the better you perform the quicker you get paid. However, their normal payout frequency for all affiliates is quick. The performance based payment frequency just makes it even better.

It pays all affiliates who earn over 100$ on Biweekly basis. Whereas to all affiliates who earn over 500$ are paid on Weekly basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

AffBits offers three payment options to affiliates that they can use to withdraw their earnings. These payment options are Webmoney, Wire Transfer and Bitcoin.

Competitive Referral Program:

AffBits also offers a competitive referral program to affiliates that they can use to earn some additional income by promoting their network. It offers a 5% referral commission program which is very competitive if we compare it with other affiliate networks.

So, if you have friends, colleagues or website visitors who could be potential affiliates then you can refer them to this network to earn some additional income.

AffBits Details At A Glance:

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