Affiliate Ad Network Review

Affiliate Ad Network is a global CPA affiliate network. It is one of the leading digital marketing company in India. This network aims to provide high quality service to its clients.

It offers high paying, best converting and trending offers to affiliates. These high paying and trending offers let affiliates to earn better revenue with their network. Whereas, to advertisers, it provides high quality and cost effective solutions, so, that they can meet their marketing goals.

Affiliate Ad Network has an experienced team which has over 3 years of experience in affiliate marketing and therefore, they know how to bring the results for their clients. They provide high quality solutions to affiliates. With their network affiliates can monetize their both web and mobile traffic effectively.

They have specialization in CPA, CPS, CPL and CPI campaigns. So, if you are looking for a network which works with the above mentioned models then you can give it a try. Since, this network is based in India, so, it provides lots of offers for India. So, if you are an affiliate from India or nearby regions then you will get lots of exclusive offers from this network.

Apart from the quality offers, this network also offers some other great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include easy account approval, low minimum payout, two different payment options, timely payments and detailed stats.

Affiliate Ad Network Review

Easy Account Approval:

Affiliate Ad Network provides easy account approval to affiliates as compared to most of the other affiliate networks. Also, since it is a global affiliate network, so, it accepts worldwide publishers. So, any publisher from any part of the world can apply to join this network.

Getting approval on this network is not a difficult task. To get approval, you just need to fill up their registration form properly and submit it. And, if they find you compatible with their network then you will get approval from them.

In most cases affiliates get approval from this network, if they provide proper details while registering on their network. Also, to speedup the review process, you can contact them.

Easy Offers With High Payouts:

This network provides some easy offers with good payout rates that even new affiliates can easily promote. However, at the time of writing this review most of the offers were for India. So, if you belong to India then you should give a try to this network.

At the time of review this network had 25+ live offers for affiliates to promote.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Affiliate Ad Network offers a detailed stats reporting system where affiliates can generate general and conversion reports. Its stats reporting system shows offers, clicks, conversions, date, CR, earning, click id etc. It also offers various filters to filter out reports for better analysis.

There’s also a graph which shows stats based on clicks, conversions and earnings. It also lets affiliates to generate graph for different time periods.

Offers Some Useful Tools:

This network also offers some useful tools that affiliates can use to optimize their offers and maximize their earnings. Two of the important tools offered by this network are API and Postback.

Low Minimum Payout:

Affiliate Ad Network doesn’t like setting high payout limit for affiliates. This helps new affiliates to easily reach minimum payout limit and withdraw their earnings.

The minimum payout limit on this network is only 50$.

Timely Payouts:

Affiliate Ad Network pays its users on time. They pay all affiliates on Net 45 terms.

Two Different Payment Options:

Affiliate Ad Network offers two different payment options to affiliates so that they can withdraw their earnings easily on their preferred payment options. The payment options offered by it are PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Affiliate Ad Network Details At A Glance:

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