Affmy Review

Affmy is a CPA affiliate network which connects worldwide affiliates and advertisers to generate profit for both of them. It aims to raise money for both affiliates and advertisers. For this, they provide high quality and top converting offers to affiliates, whereas they let advertisers to reach the top affiliates who can generate tonnes of leads for them.

To ensure that affiliates get only high paying offers their team review all offers for quality and high payouts before delivering them to affiliates. You may not find huge number of offers on Affmy like you find on some other affiliate networks. But, this is only because they review all offers and pick the trending, most converting and high paying offers only for affiliates.

From my personal experience, though they do not provide tonnes of offers but they have sufficient number of offers of various verticals. At the time of writing this review, they had 400+ live offers, which i think is sufficient for an affiliate. And, the best part, all of these offers were trending and most converting.

Apart from the trending and high paying offers, Affmy provides some other great facilities to affiliates like easy account approval, detailed stats, multiple tools, multiple payment options, referral program and good dedicated support.

Affmy Review

I have already mentioned above that you may not find huge number of offers on Affmy. And, the reason behind it, they believe in providing only high quality offers to affiliates. They review each and every offer before making them available for affiliates. And, they pick only top converting, high quality and trending offers for them.

I have also mentioned above that at the time of writing this review they had 400+ live offers, which i think is sufficient for an affiliate to pick the offers of his/her choice to promote. So, overall they provide trending, high paying and high quality offers which every affiliate needs from an affiliate network.

Also, they provide offers of various verticals which make it easier for affiliates to monetize their traffic effectively. Some of the verticals offered by Affmy are dating, installs, pin-submit, health and fitness, financial, sweepstakes etc. There are much more categories available on their network that you can check inside your affiliate account.

Easy Account Approval:

This is one of the thing that i really like about this affiliate network. Unlike most of the other affiliate networks, it offers a very easy sign up and approval process. On Affmy, you just need to fill up a sign up form to register an account and after that you can instantly login to your account.

They take all needed information in their sign up form, so, you don’t need to give any personal interview to account managers. The only thing you need to do after submitting your form is to activate your account by clicking an activation link that they send to your registered email. So, overall if you want to join an affiliate network with easy sign up and approval process then this network could be an option.

Multiple Tools:

Nowadays, modern network provide lots of tools that increase affiliate earnings by huge margin. So, in this case Affmy doesn’t lag behind from other affiliate networks. It offers some of the much needed tools like smart links, API and Postbacks.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Like most of the other affiliate network, Affmy also offers a very detailed stats reporting system. Their stats reporting system is so detailed that you can generate lots of stats based on offers, OS, country, conversions, device, city etc. I will recommend you to better check their stats reporting system by yourself.

They also offer various filters and graphs which let you easily analyze your reports.

Quick Payments:

This is another great thing about this network. Nobody likes waiting for a month or two to get his/her payments. So, to make their affiliates happy, Affmy’s financial team process all payments on Weekly basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

Affmy wants to provide as good as service possible to make their affiliates happy and therefore, it offers multiple payment options. It offers PayPal, Webmoney and Wire Transfer as its payment options to affiliates.

Referral Program:

On Affmy, you can not only earn through by promoting affiliate offers but you can also take advantage of their affiliate program. They know about the competition in the market and therefore, they offer a competitive 5% referral commission program to affiliates.

So, start referring your friends and colleagues to join Affmy and take advantage of this great opportunity of earning some extra bucks from it.

Affmy Details At A Glance:

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