What to do in Agra, India

Among Things To See In Agra, In The State Of Uttar Pradesh, In Addition To The Celebrated Taj Mahal – The Most Precious Jewel Of Muslim Art In India – We Find Other Attractions Of Surprising Beauty. Well, In Its Metropolitan Area and Nearby, You Can Visit Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Such As the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. And There Is More, As Corresponds To A City That Was Capital Between 1556 And 1658 Of The Very Refined Mogul Empire.

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Ten Things to do in Agra, India

1. Admirate A Masterpiece, the Taj Mahal

This Immense White Marble Mausoleum Was Built By Order Of Emperor Saha Jahan Between 1631 And 1638 To Honor The Memory Of His Favorite Wife. The Taj Maha L Is, Without A Doubt, One Of The Great Masterpieces Of Man’s Artistic Genius. Surrounded By A Huge Garden And On The Banks Of The Yamuna River It Is Obviously The Most Visited Building In The Country And The Obvious Recommendations Among Things To See In Agra, India.

This Equestrian Jewel Of Muslim Art In India Is One Of The Seven Wonders of the World. It Attracts Approximately 2 Million Visitors Annually. It Was Declared A World Heritage Site By UNESCO In 1983. The Poet Rabindranath Tagore Described It As” A Tear On The Cheek Of Eternity” Rudyard Kipling As” The Embodiment Of All Things Pure, “While It’s Creator, Emperor Shah Jahan, Said That Taj Mahal Got” The Sun And The Moon Shed Tears From His Eyes. “

2. A Walk through the Taj Nature Walk

Taking A Walk Through The Taj Nature Walk, A Network Of 9km Trails With Panoramic Points And Towers In The Vicinity Of The Taj Mahal, Allows The Sagacious Traveler To Find Unique Perspectives To Photograph The Mausoleum And Do So Enjoying Flora And Fauna In A Pleasant Environment And Peaceful, A Luxury In A Great Indian City.

3. Travel Palaces, Mosques and Hearing Rooms in Agra Fort

Declared A World Heritage Site By UNESCO, And Within Walking Distance Of The Taj Mahal Gardens, The Agra Fort Is Actually A Sumptuous Walled City, A Complex Of Palaces, Mosques And Audience Buildings. They Were Built In The 16th And 17th Century, In Full Swing Of The Indo-Muslim Art. The Fort Was Built Primarily As A Military Structure, But Sha Jahan Transformed It Into A Palace In The 17th Century. It Contains A Maze Of Buildings, Forming A City Within A City, Including Vast Underground Sections. Essential Visit among Things to Do In Agra.

4. Discover The Visionary Urbanism of Fatehpur Sikri

Only 37 Km From Agra, The Traveler Has An Unavoidable Appointment With Fatehpur Sikri, A City Entirely Conceived From Nowhere By Emperor Akbar In The Second Half Of The Xvi, Built Thanks To The Blessing Of A Man. Emperor Akbar Visited The Village Of Sikri To Seek The Advice Of A Saint Sometime In The 16th Century. At That Time, There Was No Heir To His Throne, But After The Consultation, Akbar Was Conveniently Blessed With The Children He Needed To Continue His Legacy. To Celebrate, Akbar Built Fatehpur Sikri, Which Translates As “Victory City.”

Ephemeral Capital Of The Mogul Empire For Just A Decade, Its Visionary Conception Of Spaces And The Architectural Subtlety Of Some Of Its Buildings Continue To Inspire Architects And Urban Planners From Around The World. It Is A World Heritage Site By UNESCO.

5. Know The Last Dwelling Of The Akbar Emperor In Sikandra

In Sikandra, On The Outskirts Of Agra, Akbar Ordered The Construction Of His Last Abode: An Architectural Jewel In An Impeccable State Of Preservation And Living Up To What Is Expected Of The Greatest Of The Mughal Emperors. It Has Three-Story Minarets In Each Corner And Is Constructed Of Surprisingly Embedded Red Sandstone With Geometric, Floral And Calligraphic Patterns Of White Marble. Following The Mughal Tradition Of Having Two Separate Graves, Akbar’s True Grave Is In The Basement; And Not In The Marble Pavilion That Contains The False Tomb.

6. Buy In Kinari Bazaar

If you’re wondering if shopping is one of the recommended things to do in Agra, you’re in luck. The alleys behind the Jama Masjid, the great mosque in Agra, India, host various bazaars and markets. Walking through them, whether bought or not, is an experience in itself, because the human spectacle is as attractive or more than the merchandise on display.

The largest and best known is the Kinari, a wholesale retail market that offers everything that is needed for daily use or for special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

7. Stay in the Oberoi Amarvilas

The Oberoi Amarvilas is one of the most luxurious hotels in India and enjoy incredible views of the Taj Mahal from all rooms and suites. Our travel proposal « India of the Marajás in luxury hotels » includes accommodation in Oberoi Amarvilas.

8. Know Itimad-Ud-Daulah

Mausoleum of Itimad-Ud-Daulah, nicknamed “mini Taj”, is a little known hole that shrewd vijaero should include among things to see in Agra. This Persian nobleman was the wazir of Emperor Jahangir. This mausoleum does not have the same overwhelming beauty as the Taj, but it is possibly more delicate in appearance thanks to its finely carved jails this was the first Mughal structure built entirely of marble and the first tomb that was built in the banks of the Yamuna.

9. An Unsurpassed Paradise for the “Birdwatchers”

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is located 60km from Agra, in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It is considered one of the best bird sanctuaries on the planet; it houses more than 230 species of birds and is an important tourist destination. It attracts a large number of ornithologists, birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and protected sanctuary in 1971. For the best views of the birds, elephant safari and rickshaw safari are recommended.

10. Test The Mogul Kitchen

One of the most pleasant things to do in Agra is to feast on the delicious Mogul cuisine. Agra has been the seat of the Mogul empire for a considerable time, which gives typical cuisine a plus that other regional cuisines doesn’t have. The area of Taj Ganj is one of the best places where you can enjoy the typical dishes of Mogul cuisine. Essential dishes during a visit to Agra include boti kebab, seekh and, above all, chicken tandoori.

When to visit Agra?

The best time to visit Agra is from November to February. The temperatures are pleasant even winter. The only expected flood is that of tourists, but it will avoid heavy rains and unbearable heat that occur during the spring and summer months. The monsoon season begins in July, with torrential rains over Agra until September, and the months of April, May and June are very hot.

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