The basic facts of a bulk SMS service

You might be having a mobile phone and aware of the benefits of free voice SMS services. Via SMS you can send and receive messages within 160 characters on your mobile phone referred to as message. As compared to a call on a mobile phone cost of SMS is cheaper. SMS price is the lowest among all marketing methods. SMS supports a variety of languages and as it is incorporated with binary data even logos or images can be send out via SMS.

On a personal level you might be used to send and receive messages, but SMS can also be effectively used to communicate for a business to their potential customers. They can notify them about the launch of a new product or service. In case if a business wants to send out text messages to numerous people  it can send it out via bulk SMS. You can send out these messages via a SMS gateway. Numerous companies are there who are offering bulk SMS along with SMS gateways. Some of them are restricted to the local boundaries whereas others operate at an international level.

Before you go on to choose a bulk SMS gateway there are numerous factors to be taken into consideration. Here is a list of points that you might have to keep in mind.

To whom you want the SMS message to reach?

Firstly you would want to figure out to whom you are looking to send out a message and what is the type of service you are going to need. Are you planning to access the SMS service from the web or whether it is a mobile phone? If you are considering a two way SMS service, then you need to locate a provider for the same.

Right connections have to be established

Sadly most mobile phone operators do not subscribe to a standard protocol in developing a connection to a SMS centre. Most of them have their own connection protocols. It suggests that in case if you are looking to send out messages to thousands of people of various mobile service providers you might need a SMS gateway. They can establish link with these service providers. Be aware that your mobile phone needs to establish good internet connection to all the mobile operators you are looking to comply.


Take into account low cost does not mean superior quality of service.  Always rely on an operator who has established good network connectivity. For example if a SMS gateway does not have link with a particular country, they might have to transfer it to another country. This could mean a loss of message between transfers or a delay in the message to reach. In most cases you would want to choose a gateway that has a well set up connectivity base. Back up routes with access to various mobile operators are the key. Round the clock customer support is the key as you might have to look for one that offers the same.

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