Benefits of Organic Wool Comforters

The winter is coming, and it’s the time to curl up with your warmest comforters and head to bed. A organic wool comforter will keep you on quality sleep, it could make all of the difference in how you sleep tonight.

If you are thinking for switching to a wool comforter, but still reluctant, here are a few reasons to help you:

  • Studies at University of Sydney show that sleeping on wool gives a 25% better sleep.
  • Wool is temperature-regulating. Wool can regulate temperature differently for different people while sleeping in the same bed, whether you sleep warm or cool, you will feeling comfortable through the night.
  • Organic wool is different than standard wool. It does not go through the chemical carbonization process like standard wool so it remains soft and supple, not brittle and scratchy like standard wool. If you have a lanolin allergy, get a test sample of wool before switching to a wool comforter.
  • Wool comforters are designed to last. Whether you keep it on your bed all year long or simply during the winter, you’ll find that it keeps you comfy and cozy for years.

There are many different style and color options when purchasing the best wool comforter. Find the pattern that suits your taste and get ready for the best sleep of your life!

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