Top 10 Best Disposable Plastic Sets In 2022 Reviews

Hi there, are you looking for a nice dinnerware set for your upcoming event? Whether you are shopping for your anniversary, birthday or any other event, each of the following products will meet your dinnerware set needs.

While most of these sets are comprised of plates and cutlery alone, other sets also come with some of the best reusable coffee cups I have ever seen. Without further ado, how about checking them out one by one?

10. Bob Faw Creations Disposable Gold Plastic Dinnerware Set

Finally, we have this amazing dinnerware set by Bob Faw Creations. Rated 5 stars on Amazon, this 150-piece set consists of 25 salad plates, 25 dinner plates, and 25 cups. Other items include 25 knives, 25 forks, and 25 spoons, all items adding up to 150. Golden cutlery, golden-rimmed cups, and plates are what this product is all about. Bob Faw Creation gives you a sophisticated, polished look with their dinnerware set, which is ideal for all events that involve serving food and drinks.

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9. ChefCity Complete Dinnerware Set

This 5 stars rated brand blends simplicity, elegance, and functionality in a creative format when it comes to dinnerware sets. Because of that, many users will wash and keep their utensils instead of throwing them away after use even though they are disposable pieces. The pack comes with 80 pieces of white pearl plates suitable for any eating occasion with many guests.

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8. Party Burgains Premium Quality Disposable Plastic Plates

This top-rated Amazon dinner set comes with 80 pieces of plates and 160 pieces of cutlery, including kitchen and table knives, as well as forks and spoons. All items are disposable and made from a premium quality plastic material that looks and almost feels like china. You will love this set for its elegance, durability and the fact that it is quite functional for many occasions. Plus you can dispose of or reuse your set after an event if you like.

7. Heavy-Duty Gold Plastic Plate Set By 100000

This 4.5 stars rated dinnerware set by 100000 comes with 102 pieces of white party plastic plates, with a golden rim. You get 51 dinner plates and 51 dessert/salad plates with this elegant dinnerware set. Each plate features an elegant and simple design, which is highly practical to any guest scenario. While these are disposable plates, they can also be cleaned and stored for reuse in the future.

6. Precisely Plastic Elegant Plastic Disposable Dinnerware Combo

Precisely Plastic is not so popular for best reusable coffee cups, but when it comes to disposable dinner sets, they are one of the best brands out there. With this amazing set, you get all the utensils you need to serve your guests appetizers, salads, desserts, Hors d’ oeuvres and the main course. The set comprises of 100 large plates and 100 small plates, all heavy-duty and with a silver rim. Apart from those, you also get 100 plastic forks that are perfect for eating all manner of food from snacks and desserts to main courses.

5. Heavy Duty Plastic Disposable Gold Dinnerware Set with Bonus Napkins

One thing you will love about BloominGoods’s golden utensil set is the fact that it comes complete with everything. Plates, spoons, knives, forks, cups and table garments. This 4.5 stars rated dinner set caters for up to 25 guests. Topnotch construction featuring heavy duty plastic material that is safe and resistant to snapping, bending and breaking ensures safe and trouble-free eating as well as drinking experience.

4. WDF 120 pieces Gold Disposable Plastic Plate Combo

This set comes with 120 pieces of disposable plates of different sizes and different purposes. These comprise of 60 dinner plates and 60 salad plates. Each plate features a cute golden rim, which meant for decoration purposes. Featuring a premium quality BPA-free plastic material and an elegant design, this set can match perfectly with your golden silverware or drinkware. It can be ideal for various events like birthdays, reunions, bridal showers, weddings, and parties. Plus, this set can complement your kitchen design excellently.

3. Occasions 120 Piece Pack Heavyweight Disposable Plastic Plates Set

This is another top quality disposable plastic plate set with enough pieces from Occassions Ltd. With this set, you get 120 pieces of heavy-duty disposable plastic plates that are suitable for any event, whether it be a wedding, party or any other.60 dinner plates and 60 salad/dessert plates with a decorative silver rim. The difference between this set and its predecessor is that it does not come with a cutlery pack.

2. Cutlery Kingdom Disposable Plastic Plates By Aya’s

Aya’s Cutlery Kingdom offers a complete set of plates and other tableware you will need to serve up to 30 guests. The pack comes with 30 small plates for a desert, or salad and 30 large dinner plates for the main course. This heavyweight plastic tableware can hold any food without getting damaged by heat. The fact that they look like real China even though they are not, are convenient to use and can complement any interior style, many buyers will go with them over other tableware brands.

1. Occasions’ Guest Disposable Plastic Plate and Silverware Combo Set

Occasions not only offers some of the best reusable coffee cups, but it also manufactures some nice disposable plastic wedding plates. Their 360-piece plate and cutlery combo comes with four different types of items. You get 60 dinner plates, 60 appetizer/dessert plates, and 60 plastic spoons. Other items include 60 plastic knives and 120 plastic forks. Each plastic item is silver coated mainly for decoration purposes. While they are called disposable plates, these cute plastic plates can also be washed and stored for future use.


Look no further than these ten products if you are looking for a quality set of dinnerware for your upcoming birthday or any other event where you will be serving many guests food and drink. Every product on this list, by the way, is rated 4.5 stars and above on Amazon.

You will be amazed to find out that some products even come with the best reusable coffee cups you have ever seen, for free. By the way, many buyers who are also shopping for reusable cups would take advantage of those.

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