Top 10 Best Disposable And Reusable Cups For 2019 Reviews

One of the most important travels or party essentials is a pack of disposable or reusable cups. You are going to want to drink some beverage or liquor at some point during the journey or the party. Shopping for some nice disposable or reusable beverage cups? Consider the following list of products from different top-rated brands:

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1. Copco 2510-9966 Acadia Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug

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While Copco is not on the list of the best disposable plates for a wedding, it is suddenly one of the top brands for disposable travel cups. The brand’s Acadia double wall insulated non-slip sleeve cup has been rated for design, quality, and ease of care.

The cute, slip-resistant sleeve wrapped around the white cup at the mid-section not only protects your fingers from hot coffee or tea, but it also gives the cup an impressive look.

Cups come in different sleeve colors i.e blue, azure blue, brown, cherry red, green, lilac, and plum. Plus, with a drink carrying capacity of 16 ounces, this cup is definitely large enough to hold your sufficient beverage for you.

2. KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

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Keep Cup’s reusable coffee cup beats all other cups in its class, in terms of sophistication. With an ergonomic sipper hole, improved seal closure on drinking hole and breather hole and a substantially sourced thermal cock band, this is one of the most advanced coffee cups you could ever across when shopping.

Other features include tapered glass and polypropylene alloy lid. This glass cup keeps your beverage longer and protects both your fingers and mouth from potential burns due to handling a hot beverage.

3. Aladdin Blushers Reusable Cups

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Coming in a pack of eight pieces of disposable/ reusable beverage cups, this product is worth checking out, especially if you are looking for an entire cup pack for less.

Alladin Blushers cups by PMI feature a cute design with the words “IT’S A GOOD DAY” elegantly imprinted on the body. In the pack, you get white cups and black cups, four each. Each cup comes with a removable sleeve with a different color such as pink, blue, black or etc.

4. TakeItToGo Travel Cup Pack

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TakeItToGo reusable plastic cups are rated five stars on Amazon. They come in two packs with eight cups per pack. So, when you order, you get eight amazing quality plastic cups you can use with your family or friends on a road trip. Each cup comes with a plastic lid and body that can up to 16 ounces of liquid.

Each cup is embellished with a different word or phrase that is also meant to entertain or inspire you. These words and phrases, include “Enjoy”, “Soothing”, “Sip & Relax” as well as “Wakey Wakey”, which are imprinted on the white body of the cups in various colors including red, black and orange.

5. Squishy Eco-Friendly Collapsible Cup

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If cup design matters to you more, another product you can choose is this. With a cute design featuring a sophisticated lid, collapsible body with the manufacture’s name etched on the upper section, and a steady, slip-resistant base, this eco-friendly cup is what you need for your beverages when you are on a road trip.

You will love the blue and white color combination for the lid, body, and sleeve, which by the way can improve your mood. Finally, this 12-ounce reusable coffee cup is small and strong enough to fit into your backpack without getting deformed by your items.

6. Glowcoast No-Leak Disposable Travel Cups

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Glwcoast offers one of the largest coffee cup packs out there. Their pack contains 90 pieces of disposable coffee cups each with a capacity of 20 ounces.

Coming with a lid and stop to prevent spillages, plus an insulated sleeve to protect your fingers, these cups are ideal for travel and both hot as well as cold drinks. Plus the thick and sturdy portable body ensures you are able to pack a few cups in your backpack without getting deformed by your items.

7. UDMG Reusable White Ceramic Travel Cup

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While they are not on the list of best disposable plates for wedding manufacturers, UDMG is known for creating beautiful, quality reusable coffee cups. Their 12-pound travel cups are made from high-grade porcelain clay, making sure your hot coffee or tea remains hot even as you travel.

Plus the non-heat-conducting sleeve protects your fingers from a burn. Since they are not made from paper, but clay instead, these cups help protect our environment from plastic pollution.

8. Starbucks Personalized Reusable Coffee Cups

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Are you a Starbucks fan? Well, here is an amazing product for you from the brand. These personalized reusable coffee cups with a capacity of up to 16 ounces can be customized with any name and message you want.

Available in a variety of colors, they can also be a perfect give for a loved one or a friend who likewise loves Starbucks. When it comes to package quantity, you can either buy one cup or as many cups as you want online

9. Aladdin Black & White Chalkboard Reusable Travel Cups

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Alladin is evidently big on design for their products. This relatively tall cup with a body has different coffee brands imprinted on it including Cafe & Java, and a special lid that protects your drink from spilling. Available in two different colors i.e white and black, this product comes with a holding capacity of up to 16 ounces.

You get nine cups in a pack, which is more than enough for you and your family. The cups do not come with a sleeve though, so you may need to buy sleeves separately.

10.Evron Stainless Steel Spill Proof Coffee Mugs

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Evron’s spill-proof coffee mugs come with an insulated double-wall, anti-leak locking lid, and a capacity to hold up to 16 ounces of liquid. A complete pack contains four pieces of stainless steel reusable cups with a red/yellow/grey or blue lid and a white body that features a slip-resistant base.

The lid, on the other hand, is characterized by a mouthpiece and an open/close button. You can open or close the button if you want to cool your beverage or keep it warm a little longer, respectively.


You do not need to struggle too much in order to find the best disposable or reusable beverage cup products on the market. We have got you covered with our list of top 10 best beverage cups on the market.

Most of these products are rated 4 stars and above on Amazon, with an exception of one or two products that are actually rated 5 stars. So, which product would you buy among these ten if you were shopping?

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