Our Top Picks: 5 Best Down Pillows of 2022

Interested in purchasing a down pillow for your bed at home? Made from down feathers of birds such as ducks or geese, down pillows offer plenty of benefits to ensure a good, quality sleep every night of the year. That said, what are some benefits of buying a down pillow, instead of a normal feathered one? In this article, we will break down the benefits, as well as provide you some reviews of our personal favorite down pillows that you might consider purchasing in the future. Be prepared for some sweet dreams tonight!

Top 5 Best Down Pillows Reviews

1. Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow

With a whopping 750 fill power and a 9-to-1 ratio of down and feather materials, Royal Hotel’s down pillow can offer you a comfortable sleeping experience without the hassle of having to look too far for it! It also comes in a set of two, so that you can share it with your partner…or just have both all to yourself! These king-sized pillows are perfect for large beds and also features a double silky piping along the seams for a solid, aesthetic look. You can even put this pillow in the dryer for an extra-fluffy look, thereby making your dreams even sweeter! We purchased Royal Hotel’s down pillow and appreciated that it came in a set of two, so each of us could have one pillow to sleep with. We were also impressed with the large fill power and amount of down inside, and we enjoyed the fluffiness of the pillow as we rested our heads on it. Our only concern was that this pillow brand tends to flatten easily, especially when we pressed our hands into it to test for resistance. The pillow became very flat, but thankfully we could just toss it in the dryer to fluff it up again.


  • Contains a large 750 fill power.
  • Has a double silky piping along the edges for a nice finish.
  • Is made from 90 percent down.


  • Flattens easily, so requires fluffing.

2. Cuddledown 700 Goose Medium Pillow

This queen-sized down pillow from Cuddledown comes with a 700 power fill and a 450 thread count, which offers a medium-firm, but high-quality sleeping experience while at home in bed. Even further, it comes in four different sizes, along with four different firmness levels, to help you customize your pillow and to ensure that you get the best fit for your needs to help you sleep well at night. Cuddledown’s pillow is also made from 100% cotton, which allows for more airflow and breathability within the product itself, so as to keep you cool and comfortable during sleep, regardless of whether the temperature is hot or cold. Both of us bought Cuddledown’s down pillow to test out, and we found the 700 fill power to be just right for our needs. Compared with the 800 fill power pillows, the 700 version is less overly fluffy, which offered better firmness for supporting our head and neck while remaining soft at the same. The size is also just right, as we share a king-sized bed that allows for two queen-sized pillows (such as this one) to be placed on. Durability could use some improving, however, as we found the pillow to lose its fluffiness after a few months of using it. Any case, fluffing it up from time to time is not a huge hassle, as we do not mind doing it.


  • Comes in four different sizes and firmness levels for better customizing.
  • Material allows for more airflow and coolness when asleep.


  • Not as durable as other down pillow brands out there, especially after a few months.

3. Luxuredown White Goose Down Pillow

This medium-firm pillow from Luxuredown may not be as soft as other down pillows out there, but it is the right one out there for those who tend to sleep on their back or side, as it offers support for those nights in bed. In addition, the outside of the pillow is made from a 100% cotton sateen shell, which is smooth and cool, thereby allowing you to get your rest quickly and peacefully. With this feature, you will not have trouble staying asleep during the night! After buying this product, we put it to good use. Since we are both side sleepers, we found Luxuredown’s pillow to be very comfortable while also offering support for our head and neck. It holds up really well and also liked how the sateen shell was thick and sturdy, but also gentle. The only issue we have with this down pillow is that it is not as medium-firm as it was advertised, but rather very soft. Although we did not mind it so much, for others who need that extra support from a firmer pillow might be slightly disappointed in this one. Pros

  • Is good for back and/or side sleepers.
  • Has a 100% cotton sateen shell for comfort.


  • Is not as medium-firm as advertised.
  • Contains slightly less fill than expected.

4. Continental Bedding Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

This down pillow from Continental Bedding is just as firm as it is soft, and it can be used for just about anything, from sleeping at night to supporting your back while you are watching television or doing desk work. Continental Bedding’s down pillow is also machine-washable, as long as you place it in the delicate cycle in cold or lukewarm water, then allowing it to dry naturally outside. You will find that it will still retain its soft, puffy appearance afterwards. After purchasing this down pillow brand, we ended up using it not only for sleeping at night, but also for watching television in the bedroom while propped up on the bed. We even took it once with us on our travels, as we found the hotel’s pillows to be inadequate for our sleep needs. Only problem is that it tends to get easily mushy after a while of sleeping on it; we might need to buy a new one soon.


  • Is versatile to use, whether for sleeping or traveling.
  • Is machine-washable, so no need to wash by hand.


  • Can get easily lumpy after a while of using it.

5. Downlike Luxurious Synthetic Down Hypoallergenic Pillow

Made from synthetic down material, this pillow from Better Down does not use real down feathers in the product, so as to allow people who are otherwise allergic to actual down to be able to continue sleeping peacefully. Even though it is not made from real down feathers, this hypoallergenic down pillow still has the qualities of an actual once, as it just as soft and durable to the touch. It also tends to hold its shape pretty well after resting your head on it, and you will find that you do not need to constantly fluff it up every time you want to go to sleep. The two of us bought Better Down’s hypoallergenic down pillow and were blown away by how comfortable and soft it was. At first, we did not even know that it was made from synthetic material at all! One thing that we took note of, though, was that the pillow was very puffy- a bit too much for our tastes. After flattening it down a substantial bit, we found the sleeping experience to be much better and had good dreams after that!


  • Made from synthetic down, so good for those who are allergic to real down.
  • Holds its shape well, so no need to keep it puffy all of the time.


  • Is a bit overstuffed, which might cause some strain on the neck.

Benefits of Buying a Down Pillow

  1. It is lightweight. This particular type of pillow is made from down feathers, which are found under the tough exterior feathers of ducks and geese. They tend to be softer and lighter, and are great for cuddling with at night.
  2. It can be easily shaped. The material of down feathers is not only soft, but also able to be molded into the right shape for your head to sink into. There’s no more need to constantly adjust your pillow for the right position anymore!
  3. It is longer-lasting. Especially if you purchase high- quality down pillows, they tend to last longer than normal feather pillows, due to its malleable features. You can use a down pillow for over a decade and it will still feel wonderful to the touch!
  4. It is comfortable. Unlike feathers, down material does not contain quills, which otherwise might poke out from the pillow and cause discomfort when trying to sleep. Down material is uniform throughout and offers a quill-free experience to enjoy.


If you are considering a down pillow for sleeping, then you will need to consider a few factors: fill power, down feather ratio, and natural/hypoallergenic material. Treating your head and neck to a good night’s sleep is just as important as doing so for the rest of your body, so it is important to carefully consider just what you need for bed. Have sweet dreams! If you are looking for a best down comforter, please read our top 5 best down comforter reviews to find the best product for your home!

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