Top 10 Best Electric Cars For Kids​ In 2020 Reviews

Hello reader, can’t seem to think of what the best toy to buy your kid this time around? How about an electric ride-on car? Believe it or not, that is the ultimate toy every kid would love most. So would yours.

Does an electric toy car sounds like a great idea of a perfect gift for your son or daughter? If yes, I am going to point you towards the top ten best electric cars for kid on the market right now. Surprise your child with one of the cars below and you can thank us later:

10. Hauck E-Batmobile Electric Ride-On Car

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Designed for kids between the ages 4 to 8 years old, the Hauck E-Batmobile electric toy car can be the perfect gift to buy for your child even as we approach Christmas. This grey car, which has a maximum speed of up to 2.5 mph is simple yet serves as a great model. Plus, it features a drive train with forward and reverse operations, LED lights, and electronic sound effects. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 66 lb, the 6-volt E-Batmobile electric ride by Hauck is strong enough to support the weight of your kid. That is not to mention that it comes handy with a 6-volt rechargeable battery with a charger so you do not have to worry about power.

9. Moderno Kids Mercedes GT Electric Ride-On Car

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Considered one of the best electric cars for kids, the Moderno Kids Mercedes GT toy car offers an amazing set of features and technical specs. This black car, for example, features soft start technology and electric brake system for a smooth start, gradual acceleration and realistic braking, creating a true driving experience. Apart from that, the car offers ultimate comfort and safety for your kid with a well thought out interior that is characterized by a soft and comfy PU leather seat equipped with an adjustable safety belt.

By the way, this powerful toy vehicle has 2 motors (powered by a high capacity 12V rechargeable battery) and up to 3 speed options to create a fun and dynamic driving experience. Last but not least, it goes without saying that this car is suitable for kids between 2 and 5 years old who weigh no more than 66lbs.

8. Uenjoy Kids Electric Ride-On Car

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The Uenjoy kids’ electric ride is a lifelike car that creates a real driving experience. Featuring a comfortable seat, in-built stereo system, and two driving modes, this wireless remote control car will greatly impress your 2-6 year old son or daughter. Apart from the above features, it comes with anti-skid EVA wheels, LED headlights, adjustable seat belt and a manual steering wheel.

Plus, the 6V rechargeable battery that powers this ride 66 lbs capacity ride take between 8 and 12 hours to recharge, providing a 1 hour continuous running time thereafter. Last but not least, this dual motor car can reach a top speed of up to 4 mph, which is high and safe enough for kids within the age group specified above.

7. JAXPETY Audi TT Electric Ride-On Car

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Designed for children between 1 and 3 years old who weight up to 66 lbs, the JAXPETY Audi TT boasts realistic start-up engine sounds as well as turn signals, making it look like an actual car. Apart from that, this 12V child/parent controlled vehicle features openable doors and magnificent working lights, to make any child feel like they are actually driving a real car.

Other features include 2 forward and one reverse speeds, horn, adjustable seatbelt, manual steering wheel, gas pedal and a music system. While the wheels are made from plastic as opposed to rubber, their sort of traction that comes from them is actually comparable to that which comes from actually car wheels. By the way, the top speed of this car is 3 km per hour, which way lower than many cars in this category.

6. Fitnessclub 3 Speed Electric Ride-On Truck

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Fitnessclub is a cute, pink electric toy car that’s meant for toddlers above the ages of three years old. This 3-speed manual and remote control car looks and feels like n actual jeep, offering a realistic driving experience. It features a safe and non-toxic ABS plastic construction, sensitive brake system and a powerful motor that runs quietly and smoothly.

Plus, the 4mph top speed toy car comes an early education music system, which ensures that your toddler is not only entertained but also educated at the same time. What sets this manufacturer apart from the rest is the fact that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on top of a 12 months warranty on their product. With that in mind, you can buy easy without being worried about satisfaction or damages over the specified duration.

5. Moderno Kids Mercedes CLA45 Electric Children’s Ride-On Car

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The Moderno Kids Mercedes CLA45 children ride-on car can be another great choice of best electric cars for kids between the ages of 1 and 5 years who weigh no more than 66 lbs. Featuring 2 powerful motors (powered by a 12V 7Ah large capacity battery), 2 forward speeds plus 1 reverse speed, this car will make riding and cruising an electric toy car a fan and fascinating experience for your toddler.

Add that to the brilliant LED headlights that will incredibly brighten up your driveway or sidewalk at night and you can imagine how fun this is going to be for your child. Safety and comfort are the other advantages this car provides as it features a powerful braking system and comfy interior.

4. Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz SL500 Children’s Electric Ride-On Car

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This white Mercedes-Benz SL500 electric toy car can be a great gift for kids of ages 1 to 3 years old. Featuring two different driving modes; manual and parents, children can drive the car on their own, using the manual steering wheel, foot pedal and shift lever or parents can take control and give their children a smooth and safe ride, using the intelligent remote controller.

Plus, the two high power motors, which are powered up by a 12 volt rechargeable battery, ensure this cute, tiny Benz is able to move forward or in reverse even on steep terrains, so long as his or her weight is supported. Then there is plenty of entertainment with an FM radio, which has Aux input characteristics. That is not to mention that the car’s top speed is 3 mph, which is a safe for kids within this age category.

3. Uenjoy Camo Pink Electric Ride-On Children’s Car

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This cute camo pink electric toy car by Uenjoy equally will never disappoint if you are looking for a good electric ride-on toy car for your little one. Featuring both manual and parental control driving modes, this 2-speed options automobile allows you to let your child drive alone or sit and enjoy the ride while you control it, using an easy to operate remote controller.

The speed options are none other than high and low, with the former not exceeding 2.5 mph. Do not forget that the car can also move in a reverse direction. It is a 4-wheel ride with spring suspension that performs exceptionally well even on the rugged terrains. Music and brilliant decorative lights are also available to provide a fun and exciting cruising experience for your toddler.

2. Best Choice Products 2 Speed Electric Ride-On Children’s Car

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Best Choice Product’s 12V electric ride-on car just like other cars in its class comes with two speed options (high and low) with the maximum high speed not exceeding 2 miles. Considered a relatively slow electric toy car, this 66lbs pound capacity vehicle is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years who fear speed.

Constructed from a strong, safe and non-toxic plastic material, this durable, electric, ride-on car will grow with your child. Plus, it features a set of rubber tires that provide enough traction for any surface, adding to the safety for your child. LED lights are also an important part of the vehicle so is a music player with an Aux input. Last but not least, the car can be controlled either manually or through a remote controller allowing you or your child control.

1. Best Choice Products Kids 3 Speed Ride-On Truck

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This amazing Best Choice Products electric ride-on car boasts a realistic design, creating a sense of riding in an actual car. With a top speed of up to 3.7 mph, this is considered a vehicle that is neither too fast nor too slow. It is also worth noting that the car comes with 3 speed options i.e. (high, medium & low) and can move in both forward and reverse motions. Plus, the car comes with brilliant LED lights, making it drivable even at night.

Comfort and safety are also given top priorities with a comfy interior and an adjustable seat belt, respectively. Additionally, this traction wheel system ride-on, electric children’s toy car comes with a cute radio, featuring aux input to make sure your kid never gets bored at any one point while riding. Finally, the car can be controlled both manually and through a remote controller.

Final Thoughts

Hauck, Moderno Kids, Uenjoy, Jaxpety, Fitnessclub, and Best Choice Products are the brands that are known for providing some of the best electric cars for kids. Each brand manufactures quality cars that are suitable for children of various ages, ranging from one to fourteen years old. Be sure to pay attention to your kid’s weight when shopping as each of the above cars are designed for children weighing up to a particular maximum weight.

With that in mind, which car do you intend to buy and why? We would like to know your thoughts. As such, we invite you to comment below if you do not mind. That said, good luck shopping.

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