Best Fissure Treatment in India- Home Remedies or Laser?

Let me share my instance of how fissure can cause problems. Mr. Mehra is 53 years old and a patient of chronic constipation. A few months back while Mr. Mehra was sitting on the toilet he felt a terrible burning sensation in his anal region. When he strained, there was cutting pain also.He could also feel that some pus was oozing out from this region. He wiped the region with a tissue paper and could see blood on it. There was a terrible smell from the paper. He realized it might be due to his condition of chronic constipation. He checked the symptoms and got to know that he was suffering from fissures. As he was skeptical of going under-the-knife, he thought of home remedies for fissure treatment. He came across Divya Patanjali(fissure treatment in Patanjali) and the different products associated with it.

He got the products at one once. He used them for fifteen days with the prescribed dosage regularly. He was finally relieved of the burning sensation and was back to his normal state of being. But to his dismay and dire luck the pain as well as burning the pain relapsed.

On the doctor’s recommendation, he underwent laser treatment. He recommended me laser surgery which he mentioned was completely painless. He underwent surgery the next morning and was even discharged the same day. It’s been a month and he is 100% fit and active at present!

Did this instance sound familiar to you? Are you one of those people who are tired of using ayurvedic treatment for fissures and not getting the desired results? With the most effective laser treatment, you can now get fissure treatment without any pain!

Ayurveda And Anal Fissure

Ayurveda depends on a ‘natural’ and holistic method to treat fissures. You can try various ayurvedic treatment for the treatment of the fissure if you don’t want to opt for surgical interventions.
  • Constipation is considered as one of the major factors that trigger anal fissure. Triphala is prescribed to soften the stool and also to treat constipation.
  • Panchkarma is the use of various herbal oil baths and massages that help to cleanse the harmful toxins out of the body.This has proven to work wonders for any type of fissure.
Many people have reported that they have got relief from Divya Patanjali products. The products contain the above-mentioned ayurvedic ingredients which can cure fissures in the anal region. Some of the products are-
  • Kayakalp Vati
  • Arshkalp Vati
  • Isabgol Husk
  • Aloe vera gel


  • Staying hydrated. Drinking lots of caffeine-free fluids helps in curing fissures. Caffeine causes dehydration in the body.
  • Using stool softeners. This aids in having a smooth bowel movement
  • Taking warm baths for 15-20 minutes several times a day helps in relieving some of  the anal pain.
  • Applying topical anesthetics like lidocaine also helps in relieving some of the pain
  • Consuming a fiber-rich meal so that during a bowel movement, you don’t have to  strain much.
  • Cleaning and drying the anal area after each bowel movement

Laser Treatment And Anal Fissure

Surgeries have proven to be most-effective when performed with the most-advanced laser-based procedures. Laser-based procedures are beneficial for both patients as well as doctors. USDFA- approved laser surgery is a successful and quick way of treating anal fissure. The scalpel used in conventional procedures is replaced by a laser beam hence there are very minimal chances of bleeding. There are cases of bleeding in very rare situations.

Benefits of laser surgery for patients

  • This technique is carried out throughout the influence of anesthesia. Therefore, the  patient is unable to feel any pain during a laser-based procedure. It is possible that he or she may feel a little discomfort and pain after the surgery.
  • As there are minimum cuts and incisions as possible, so the chances of infection are   also reduced to almost zero.
  • If you do not show any sign of any complication, the doctor might discharge you on the same day of the surgery.
  • Very few people have reported about a relapse of fissures after undergoing the laser-based procedure.

Ayurvedic Vs. Laser treatment

A question pops into the mind that “Why choose laser treatment over ayurvedic for fissure treatment?”.Some of the differences that make laser treatment a more preferable option for fissure patients are discussed below-
  • The ayurvedic treatment takes a longer time to cure the problem while laser surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours to treat the problem of the fissure.
  • A chronic fissure may or may not be treated by ayurvedic products while fissure at any stage can be treated by the laser-based procedure.
  • The chances of recurrence are relatively high when cured with ayurvedic treatment. The laser treatment for fissures reduces the chance of recurrence to almost zero.
  • As ayurvedic products are taken as a home remedy, hence if you miss a dose or take an overdose by mistake it can cause some complications.
  • After laser treatment, you’ll be recovered within 2-3 days while with ayurvedic treatment  the recovery takes over two weeks.


If you think none of the ayurvedic treatment options is working, then it means that the fissure has turned chronic and requires professional help. A chronic fissure may not allow other conditions to be detected such as infection or even cancer. Hence, see a doctor immediately if you feel any tear or piercing pain in the anal region. Even after the treatment, it is advised that you change food habits as well as make some lifestyle modifications so that there are no chances of recurrence!
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