Top 10 Best Hiking Boots For Ladies In 2022 Reviews

Dear reader, is hiking one of your best hobbies? If yes, then we presume you are a frequent buyer of women’s hiking boots. After all, an avid hiker would want to have as many pairs of hiking boots as she can afford.

Speaking of shopping, we would like to recommend the following hiking boots for women, which are very popular on Amazon and other online market places, right now. Each pair of boots offers value for money.

10. Hi-Tec Bandera Mid-Rise Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

These Hi-Tec women’s 100% leather and fabric boots are not your ordinary boots, which are made locally. They are imported from overseas and offer better quality compared to many boots in their category. The Hi-Tec mid-rise waterproof hiking boots for women feature synthetic soles and waterproof characteristics, providing total protection from water, moisture, snow, and debris. Plus, they are lightweight and thus never drag your pace when you are hiking or trekking.

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9. Danner Mountain Women’s Hiking Boots

These Danner women’s mountain hiking boots are imported from overseas. They feature an innovative leather upper and a rubber sole that keep your feet comfortable and protect them from water and debris. If you are looking for comfort, protection, performance, and durability, these can be another great pick. You can choose from hazelwood/balsam green, sand, grey, and saddle tan. Available sizes range from 5M US to 11 M US.

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8. Forsake Patch Women’s Premium Leather Hiking Boots

These Forsake Patch women’s hiking boots are quite amazing in looks and performance. Featuring a leather upper with a comfortable inner and rubber sole, they have a very stylish design that can perfectly match with any hiking attire. Plus, the boots protect your feet from water, moisture, and debris so that you are comfortable even as you walk on wet surfaces or rugged landscapes with lots of dust and rock debris. You can choose from black/tan, brown/navy, grey/cypress, sand/cypress, and timberwolf.

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7. Salomon X Ultra 3 Women’s Mid-GTX W Hiking Boots

These cute Salmon X Ultra 3 women’s hiking boots boast a textile and synthetic upper plus a rubber sole. They are comfortable, lightweight, practical and durable, giving value for money. Plus, they feature a high-traction grip just like other mid-range women’s hiking boots, giving you more control when you are walking on slippery a slippery surface. Finally, they come in multiple sizes and colors to suit different tastes and needs of buyers. Sizes range from 5 M US to 12 M US. Size 11 W US is also available. On the other hand, the available colors include crown blue, shadow, crown blue/evening blue/ and sunny lime.

6. Timberland Mt Maddsen Mid Leather Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

This is another pair of shoes on our list of ten best hiking boots for ladies. These Timberland women’s boots are made from leather and textile material combination, waterproof, lightweight, and durable. Plus, their rubber soles, enable them to deliver a high-traction grip, which you will especially need when walking on wet, slippery surfaces during the rainy days. The boots are available in multiple sizes and colors. Sizes range from 5M US to 11 M US, whereas colors vary from medium grey and medium brown to brown suede.

5. Clorts Suede Leather Women’s Hiking Boots

The Clorts suede leather hiking boots for women are rated for comfort, durability, and practicability. These amazing boots offer enough breathability and waterproof benefits. Featuring a suede leather upper and a synthetic sole, these boots are strong enough for even the most rugged hiking terrains. Plus, they are available in size 9 M US and pioneer-grey/pink.

4. Hi-Tec Wn Logan Mid Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boots

These Hi-Tec women’s hiking boots are made from 100% leather or textile, which as you know, are some of the best materials for making hiking boots. Their soles are made of rubber, which is lightweight, comfortable, strong and practical for their hiking and trekking. Plus, the boots are waterproof and debris-proof, keeping your feet safe from water and dust or rock particles.

3. Hi-Tec Skamania Mid-Rise Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

These Hi-Tec Women’s hiking boots feature a premium quality suede material with breathable mesh inserts for total comfort and practicality. The sole is made from rubber that offers a high-traction grip you need when walking on different terrains. Plus, they are waterproof, which means you can go into the outdoors in them, even during the wet days, without worrying about your feet becoming wet.

2. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boots

These amazing Columbia women’s Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots are made from American leather that is one of the best types of leathers in the world. They are waterproof, breathable and designed to provide a high-traction grip perfect for all types of terrains. The boots are available in multiple sizes from 5M US/5W US to 12M US and 12 W US. Plus, buyers can choose from a wide variety of colors including grey ash/riptide, quarry/cool wave, black/poppy red, cordovan/crown jewel, mud/eve and delta/red velvet.

1. Pioneer Mid Rise Women’s Leather Hiking Boot by Northside

These are some of the best hiking boots for ladies to buy. They 100% handcrafted, using premium quality imported leather material. The Northside Women’s Pioneer leather hiking boots feature a rough suede leather upper, breathable mesh inserts, protective rubber toe cap, and a synthetic sole. These mid-rise hiking boots are perfect for all types of weather and terrains, delivering the best hiking experience anytime, anywhere.


These are the ten best hiking boots for ladies from which to choose if you are shopping. As you can see, each boot offers comfort, protection, performance, and durability. Plus, each boot is rated 4-stars and above on Amazon.

So, which pair of boots among these would you be happy to acquire? Is it Northside, Clorts, Hi-Tec or something else? Please feel free to engage with us below.

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