Top 10 Best Mini Washer Dryers In 2020 Reviews

A washer can help with laundry, making the task of washing clothes simple, quick and enjoyable. A washer-dryer combo, on the other hand, not only cleans your laundry but also dries it. If budget is not a problem, you would be better off with one as opposed to a washer.

As experts in the washing machine industry, we know the best products on the market at any one time. That said, here are some of the best washers and washer-dryer combos to consider, if you are shopping for one.

10. XtremepowerUS 8.8 Lbs Portable Washing Machine

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This XtremepowerUS washing machine is compact, durable and boasts a range of powerful features. For example, it is powered by a 1400-Watts motor that is one of the most powerful motors in the washer industry. The washing machine features a see-through window for monitoring clothes load easily while drying is taking place. Other features include timed dry setting and up to 8.8 lbs load capacity. This white washer is ideal for mounting on the wall and comes with a mounting kit.

9. Costway Compact & Portable Washing Machine (Blue)

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Like other mid-range washers, this incredible Costway washer is ideal for apartments, motor homes, RVs, and camping laundry applications. It features a compact & portable design, rotary controller, washer spin dryer with hose, timer control, and user-friendly lid. Some advantages of this washer include durability, easy operation, and energy saving.

8. WasherDrier Baseball MVP Design Portable & Compact Washing Machine

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This amazing washer is made from an anti-scratch foam material that is durable even though the door frame is metallic. Some of the most important features of the washer include, front-load washer door prop to help prevent mildew & mold odors and one-piece easy solution to keep door from closing fully. It also features an easy to reach control panel with different knob controls and a well thought out stain removal guide. Plus, the product comes with 100% money back guarantee.

7.Best Choice Products Mini Twin Tub Portable & Compact Washing Machine

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This compact and portable washing machine with mini twin tub design from best choice products is another awesome laundry appliance to buy. It is ideal for apartment, hostel, RV and camping laundry applications. The washer features easy operation, timer control, transparent lid & upper body plus low power consumption. Some of these are unique benefits many washers do not offer.

6. Costway 10 Lbs Load Capacity Portable & Compact Washing Machine

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The Costway washing machine boasts a compact, portable, durable and energy saving design. Some of its primary features include a washer, spin dryer, and a multifunctional control panel. The control panel consists of an LED display and buttons for adjusting the machine to ten different washing & drying modes and eight water levels. This is a 10 lbs load capacity washing machine that does laundry relatively well.

5. Giantex 10 Lbs Capacity Portable & Compact Washing Machine(Fully Automatic)

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The Giantex 10 lbs capacity mini washer dryer combo is fully automatic, allowing laundry tasks to be totally automated. That means it can wash and dry your clothes without requiring your input as long as the clothes have been placed into the appliance. It features a cute LED display with ten program and eight water level settings to give all kinds of fabrics a perfect wash. This portable washer/dryer is also equipped with a drain pump to facilitate the drying process.

4. Super Deal 13 Lbs Capacity Portable & Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

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The Super Deal 13lbs capacity washing machine is ideal for apartments, camping, hostel, and RV laundry applications, thanks to its compact and portable twin tub design. It features a 1300RPM powerful motor and three different control knobs for wash timer, select switch(standard, soft & drain) alongside spin timer. This is a durable washer that is build to resist daily wear and tear more than other washers.

3. Panda PAN56MGW2 11 Lbs Capacity Compact & Portable Washing Machine

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The Panda PAN56MGW2 11 lbs capacity washing machine is a portable device designed to help with the task of washing clothes. It features spectacular electronic controls with LED display for adjusting the appliance to different settings. There are up to ten different washing program and 8 water level settings from which to choose. Plus, the stainless steel drum is made to last and resist rust as well as chipping.


Are you shopping for a quality mini washer dryer combo? These are the ten best products from which to choose. Take note, however, that some of them are not a combo(washer cum dryer)but just an ordinary washer without a dryer.

So, did you see a washer or washer cum dryer you would like to buy? If yes, we would like to tell us about it in the comments section below, if you do not mind. Without nothing more to add, good luck shopping.

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