Top 10 Best Snowboard Boots In 2022 Reviews

Finding the perfect snowboard boot is a make-or-break task; as it determines whether you’ll have a pleasurable
day in the snowy mountains or if you’ll suffer excess pain and misery in the cold.

Deciding on the proper snowboard kit is intimidating, especially when there are so many things to consider when
searching for the best pair of boots. You’ll need to think about heel support, lacing, gripping, insulation,
riding style… the list goes on and on. And, once you’ve found your perfect pair of snowboard boots, you’ll need
to combine them with a set of bindings to ensure you get the most stable connection to your snowboard.

However, despite endless requirements for suitable gear, ultimately your boots must be snug and tight-fitting,
offering maximum comfort. Snowboarding is a vigorous sport, the least you can do is choose a pair of boots that
will make you feel supported and confident while shredding through powder. Failure to invest in the proper boots
could severely impact your snowboarding performance.

Best Snowboard Boots FAQs

Is it better to have tight or loose snowboard boots?

Snowboard boots should be snug everywhere – at your heel, instep, and toe-box. When you first try on
your boots, lace them up tight, as this will help push your foot to the back of the boot, allowing
your toes to have extra room. However, don’t panic if your boots initially feel too tight, as it
takes a few weeks of riding before they perfectly mould to your feet.

Are snowboard boots supposed to hurt?

While snowboard boots should be a snug fit and may, at first, feel tight; they shouldn’t hurt your
feet. If you’re experiencing pain, this could be because of excessive flattening of the arch that
occurs during inward turns. When your foot flattens the ligament and your muscles at the base of
your foot are stretched beyond the norm, which causes arch pain. To avoid heel and arch pain while
snowboarding, tighten your boots and ensure you have the proper interior padding.

Should you buy snowboard boots a size bigger?

You want to purchase snowboard boots that are the same as your shoe size. At first, your boot may be
tricky to take on and off, however, this doesn’t mean they’re the wrong size as eventually, the
liner will pack out, making it a comfortable fit.

Here are the best snowboard boots available and some key technologies to look out for. These snowboarding boots
will ensure you pick up your game in comfort and style. See you on the slopes!