Top 3 Best Wool Comforters for 2022

If you happen to be a homeowner with a penchant for purchasing the finest quality of linen for your home, then investing in wool comforters is the way to go, especially for the bedroom. Particularly if you happen to live in a cold environment or where the winter season tends to freeze over, then having a thick material to rely on warming you up is important, not only for comfort, but also for your health.

That said, we are here to help you choose the best wool comforters to make your home comfortable and warm for those winter months. We will highlight the top choices and also offer our personal opinions on each of them. That way, you will be able to make a good decision when the time comes to purchase one of your own.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. OrganicTextiles Naturalé Premium Extra Weight 100% Australian Wool Comforter

(4.8 of 5)

Offering a premium weight of 13 ounces per square yard fillings, OrganicTextiles Naturalé wool comforter provides the heft that is sure to keep you warm and toasty all winter long. It contains high thread count, which makes it silky and free from lumps, along with an easily-washable surface for convenience should the wool comforter ever get dirty.

Even further, it is free from smells and toxins, so as to keep the wool comforter in the best shape possible. More importantly, the fact that it does not contain toxins ensures that it will not be a fire hazard, as it will not be prone to catching flames. It also helps against static, which makes it smooth and more comfortable to sleep in.


  • Hefty at 13 ounces per square yard for ultimate warmth.
  • Easy-to-wash surface.
  • Smell and toxin-free to prevent fires and static.


  • Can only be dry cleaned.
  • Might act more as a bed cover than comforter for some beds.

Opinion: Upon receiving OrganicTextiles Naturalé wool comforter, I was surprised at how hefty, yet lightweight it was. I enjoyed the volume of the cover, and it was able to keep me very warm during the harshest of weather. The fabric is smooth and silky, and it has no smell. I wish that it did not have to be dry clean only, though, as I would love to dry it quicker and sleep it in as soon as it is finished washing.

2. KingLinen Premium 100% Austrialia Wool Extra Weight Comforter

(4.7 of 5)

Made from 100% Australian wool, KingLinen’s Premium wool comforter is the authentic, high quality bed covering that you need to ensure a good night’s sleep in the middle of winter. At 90 by 92 inches, it is ideal to cover a large amount of space, especially on a queen-sized bed, without any problem.

Moreover, it is light, durable, and resistant to anything that comes its way, thereby ensuring its longevity and a worthwhile investment in the long run. Its compartmentalized design, i.e. fillings contained in each stitch, offers an organized and even layer to the entire wool comforter, so as to not get bunched up in one place for uneven distribution. Overall, its 300-threads count and 100% lacquered cover is sure to provide an aesthetically-pleasing, but also practical material to make certain that you will enjoy for a very long time.


  • 100% Australian wool for authenticity and high quality.
  • Large at 90 by 92 inches for full and extra coverage.
  • Is durable and resistant for long usage.
  • Has a compartmentalized design for even distribution.


  • Might smell a bit due to added chemicals.
  • Its “extra heavyweight” mark might not be warm enough.

Opinion: Overall, I found KingLinen’s premium wool comforter to be a very enjoyable experience. What especially made me fall in love with it was how large (90×92’’) it was, as well as its even wool distribution throughout, unlike other bunched-up comparisons. I have been using this wool comforter for close to a year, and so far, it has been holding its shape extremely well. My only complaint would be its initial “chemical” smell upon receiving it but, after airing it out, the smell was gone.

3. Woolino Luxurious Australian Washable Wool Comforter

(4.5 of 5)

Sitting at 5.5 pounds, Woolino’s wool comforter is made from 100% Australian wool, which is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy under the covers throughout the winter nights. It has been praised for its high thermal performance, so there is no doubt that it is the ultimate comfort warmer for cold weather.

Even more so, it prides itself in high quality, as it contains a 500-thread count to demonstrate its quilting mastery. Woolino’s wool comforter is ideal for putting on twin-sized beds (66 by 88 inches, or 168 by 218 centimeters). Smooth and thick, this wool comforter is easy on the skin, all the while allergen-free, so it is sure to give you the best sleep that you have had in a long time.


  • Thick and heavy at 5.5 pounds for warmth and comfort.
  • High quality at 500-thread count.
  • Ideal for twin-sized beds.
  • Is skin-smooth and allergen-free.


  • Stitching might come loose and come off.
  • Might be hard to fluff up after volume decreases.
  • Can come with a strong smell.

Opinion: When I first purchased and received Woolino’s Australian wool comforter, I was taken away by how smooth and silky it was. Considering that I am prone to allergies, I appreciate how this wool comforter does a good job of keeping dust, pollen, and other irritants out from the bed. I also love how warm it is, especially when winters here are very cold. I was also very impressed by its high-quality, 500-thread count, which goes to show just how good the material is to last a long time.

However, I would have to say that it tends to decrease volume quickly, which makes it hard to fluff up every single time. Otherwise, I would say that Woolino’s wool comforter is worth the price.

What are the benefits of the wool comforter?

The wool comforter is an exclusive favorite product and appreciated by consumers for its outstanding features. Below we will outline the advantages of wool comforter for you to evaluate.

Keeping warm

Compared to other types of comforters, wool comforters are considered to have the excellent warm-keeping ability. This is one of the outstanding advantages of wool comforters. A wool comforter will keep you warm by keeping the air between the wool fibers.

Also, wool comforters have the ability to release moisture so your body will always be dry and comfortable during sleep. In addition to keeping your body warm, woolen comforters are highly absorbent, which is great for your sleep without causing you to sweat to wet the bedsheets.


Wool comforters are made from fleece, so they are resistant to. You can rest assured when using or cleaning this comforter. 

Besides providing the comfort you always want, wool comforters are incredibly durable with low elasticity. You can use them for a very long time if you know how to use and properly store. 

In addition, wool comforters are rarely deformed, so even after stretching, they will return to their original size after washing. 


Due to the origin of the fur of animals, it has high softness, helping you feel light, comfortable. Moreover, you will not be uncomfortable when the wool rubs against the body.

Apply a warm comforter made of wool fabric, and you will feel the exceptional softness that is gently touching your skin. Because of the superior smoothness, the original wrinkles will naturally soften, your comforter will become more elegant. 

Wool comforters will always maintain the inherent timeless beauty and bring comfort to you in each sleep. This is a unique advantage of wool comforters that you cannot find in other types of comforters made from other fabrics.

Resistance to dirt

Wool comforters are not only durable, keep warm well, but also resistant to dirt. The reason is that the wool fibers form a sophisticated outer coating, making it difficult for dirt to attach to the comforter. 

This is one of the outstanding advantages that wool comforters bring to you. You can use the comforter for a long time, or store in a closet without fear of getting dirty or dust around. 

Fire resistant 

This is a scarce advantage in the comforter. Good quality wool comforters are often fire-resistant, slow flame or fire will be off when taking the comforter out of it. 

During the production process, wool comforters are coated with a special chemical layer. It can repel the combustion process, making comforter safer when exposed to fire.

How to choose the best wool comforter?

With so many options for a woolen product today, it will surely make people wonder how to buy the best wool comforter. Therefore, when choosing to purchase wool comforters, you need to pay attention to the following:


When buying wool comforters, you must consider choosing the right color. Each color you choose will make you feel different. To bring a warm feeling, you should choose bright colors or warm tones. 

For example, you can choose red – the color represents luxury, cozy, attractive, and intense. Or you can opt for yourself the pink color, bringing a sense of lightness, floating, and fanciful. 

Whatever color scheme, you should remember to choose colors that are in harmony with the interior of the room, such as walls, curtains.


When choosing wool comforters, you should think carefully to avoid feeling confused and cramped in the room. 

You can choose the light natural floral motifs, avoid contrasting colors or eye-catching themes that will make your room more mysterious and cramped than ever.


Choosing a wool comforter that fits the size of your bed will determine the comfort you will be using, without excess or overfill. At the same time, the right size comforter will create a beautiful aesthetic for the bedroom. 

Therefore, you need to note the size of the bed to balance to choose the appropriate size comforter. For example:

– Beds have a capacity of 1m6 x 2m, and you should choose the size of the comforter at about 2m x 2.2m or 2.3m x 2.3m.

– The bed has a size of 1m8 x 2m, the comforter should be chosen with a size of about 2m x 2.2m or 2.3m x 2.3m, 2.35m x 2.35m, and can choose a larger size.

– If the bed has a size of 2m x 2m, then you should choose a comforter of size about 2.2 x 2.4m, 2.35m x 2.35m, 2.4m x 2.4m, or a little larger size.

Prestige brand

Woolen comforter products are often sold together in the winter bedding set sold in many places. Most bedding stores offer different types of wool comforters. This will make it difficult for buyers to choose the right one.

Moreover, there are many types of fake wool comforters on the market. These products have a lot of potential health risks. Even many recycled products contain toxic substances that cause allergies or diseases if used long term.

Therefore, to ensure safety, consumers should choose to buy comforters of reputable big brands.

Final words

The above is information about wool comforters and some guidelines to help you choose the best wool comforter. Hopefully, the coming winter will no longer make you feel cold with the warm wool comforters. Thank you for following our article! 

See you next time!

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