Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Keeping up a website in a good state is hard work and is the reason why so many ‘webmasters’ are unable to pick their websites up when they are starting to fall apart. A webmaster looks after content creation, strategic outreach, general website updates, SEO, social media, administration, and security and it’s clear that since these tasks are all time-consuming, maintaining a website gets more and more difficult.

Maintenance of a website often includes theme updates, plugin updates, WordPress updates, website backups, uptime monitoring, security, and much more. This would lead a person to look forWordPresssupport services so that the website doesn’t fall apart and cost the business or the venture in any way.

With so many competitors in the field, it is hard to decide upon oneWordPress maintenance service that would suit all the needs of a business. Given below is a list of such services along with what they promise to help you decide which one is the best for you.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

The company was founded in 1997 and is the largest domain registrar on the web. It is a web hosting company that has the maximum number of clients. It is to be noted that the company only provides support and is not responsible for the basic maintenance tasks such as plugin and theme updates. Godaddy can help the customer with theme modifications, image optimization, database management, URL redirects, and much more. They also do the task of backing up the website for you before they complete the tasks so that they can be restored if need be.

WP Site Care

WP Site Care is the maintenance and support service offered by WordPress itself. The service came into being in 2022 and has been excelling since then. Based in Atlanta, the company’s offices and staff have been spread across Montana and the Salt Lake City in the United States. They take care of a majority of the maintenance tasks for the users and cloud backups are done every day. They also ensure that the WordPress core is automatically updated along with the latest versions of the themes and plugins. They have also made a name for themselves in terms of security measures as security breaches on the website are regularly monitored.


The company Maintain gives customers weekly service reports through email and live chat. Launched in the year 2022 by WebDevStudios, the maintenance plans of the website include off-site website backups, weekly updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins, and security monitoring that is active at all times.

After signing up for Maintain, a person can install the Support button on the dashboard of their WordPress. This is done to get direct help from the WordPress admin area. The team of professionals can guide you through help with issues such as development, downtime, website errors, website migration, etc.


Valet is another maintenance and support company that is very popular online. The company was launched in 2022 in the United States by Mason James and Kimberly Lipari. It was initially named WP Valet but was rebranded as Valet in 2022. The company has well-trained employees working remotely all over the world. Their maintenance plans comprise uptime monitoring and security scanning.

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