BitterStrawberry Review

BitterStrawberry is a performance network which provides opportunity to affiliates and advertisers to monetize and advertise their content effectively. It is a premium affiliate network which works with tonnes of affiliates and advertisers. It delivers over 500 million clicks to offers and generates over 4.6 million leads per month. From this data, you can understand how good is this affiliate network.

Since, it is a performance based network, so, it works great for both affiliates and advertisers. As an affiliate, you get high payout rates for offers because there is no crap like we find on some affiliate networks and you get paid for performance only. This simply means the better you perform, the better you earn. And, as an advertiser, you pay only for leads, which saves much of money and generate results for you.

BitterStrawberry has a performance enhancement platform which employs a unique targeting system. This unique targeting system offers various targeting options like country, device, OS, connection, career, browser and even time. They also offer smart links which automatically pick the best offers to show to your visitors. It reduce manual intervention and works great for affiliates.

It being a premium affiliate network offers some great facilities to affiliates like tonnes of high converting offers, various verticals, smart links, flexible payment terms, dedicated support etc.

BitterStrawberry Review

Since, it is a premium affiliate network, so, there are various reasons to join it.

Lots Of Offers Of Various Verticals:

Since, BitterStrawberry is a premium affiliate network, so, it has lots of worldwide advertisers. These advertisers make this network provide tonnes of offers to affiliates. It has offers of various verticals including mainstream dating, adult dating, health and fitness, shopping, glamour, utilities etc.

At the time of writing this review it had 6200+ live offers for affiliates. These offers are not just of various verticals but they are high paying too. When you join this network then you will find that there are all types of offers. From low paying simple offers to high paying offers. So, its always up to you select the offers of your choice.

Also, since BitterStrawberry is a global affiliate network, so, it provides offers for almost all countries. So, giving this affiliate network a try is not a bad idea.

BitterStrawberry is one of the few modern affiliate networks which offer Smart Links. This tools allows you to target offers that match to your visitors requirement. In short, these smart links automatically pick up the best offers to show to your visitors based on their location, connection, career, OS, browser etc.

Offers Industry’s Highest Revenue Share:

BitterStrawberry offers industry’s highest revenue share where they share up to 95% revenue with affiliates. On PPS/CPS offers, you can earn up to 50, whereas on revenue share based offers you get up to 95% revenue share.

Detailed And Live Stats:

Since, it is premium affiliate network, so, it offers a detailed live stats reporting system to affiliates. Its stats reporting system shows all necessary stats that you seek as an affiliate.

With its stats reporting system, you can generate separate reports for smart links and direct offers. Its stats reporting system is very detailed and advanced, so, it lets you generate specific reports by using multiple filters.

Its stats reporting system also lets you export your reports in XLS and CSV formats.

On-Time Payments:

You can always test the reliability of an affiliate network by its timely payouts and in this field BitterStrawberry gets full marks. They make timely payments to all of their affiliates. They even offer flexible payment terms for premium affiliates.

Flexible Payment Terms:

BitterStrawberry offers flexible payment terms to affiliates.

Usually they pay all affiliates on Net 15 terms but if you are a premium affiliate then you can get paid on Weekly basis. They have a trial period for all affiliates and if affiliates perform exceptionally well during this period then they start paying these affiliates on Weekly basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

On BitterStrawberry, you can get paid on your preferred payment option as it offers multiple payment options to affiliates. The payment options offered by BitterStrawberry are PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney and Wire Transfer.

Dedicated Support:

Support of any affiliate network tells the activeness of it. It also tells how much a network cares about its affiliates.

In this case, again BitterStarwberry gets full marks. It provides a great support to affiliates. To provide exceptionally well support, they allocate dedicated account managers to each and every affiliate account. You can contact these account managers via different means. You can call them, chat with them on Skype or you can simply email them. They always try to reply as quick as possible.

You can take help from your account manager on anything related to your account or monetizing your traffic.


BitterStrawberry is a good affiliate network with lots of offers, advanced platform, flexible payment terms and great support. It could be good network of choice for affiliates who want lots of offers of various verticals. Another good thing about this affiliate network is its high revenue share. So, overall it is a good and reliable affiliate network which affiliates can try.

BitterStrawberry Details At A Glance:

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