‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Review : Curious case of Technology Dystopia

Black Mirror is one of my favorite original TV shows. Black Mirror sets itself apart from other TV shows, its not the TV show you are used to watching but its a TV show that you wish you could watch.

Black Mirror dives deep into human nature and our interaction with Technology. While we created technology we are its fuel in some manner. The more we consume Technology the more it takes control of your life.

Black Mirror is relevant to our society, it just reminds us that when technology takes over your life is controlled by a totalitarian entity. There is reason why 1984 book is still relevant because we dont want to leave in that kind of world. We want freedom.

Like any other Black Mirror seasons, this season of Black Mirror takes us to journey of ideas about human nature, our interaction with technology. Surprisingly, this season has somewhat positive undertone to it and some episodes ends with positive note unlike other seasons of Black Mirror. Also, this season the show focuses on humans rather than Technological implications.

This season started on a high note with USS callister. One of the best episodes of Black Mirror. It is somewhat somewhat like our world where people are obsessed with star wars/ star trek. The story follows Robert Daly, a superb coder and co-founder of a VR gaming firm. Despite his brilliance, Daly lacks company and is ignored by his colleagues. His only escape is his version of the Space Fleet game, a sort of mini-universe, where he is commander of the fleet and bullies his real-life colleagues. You begin the episode rooting for him. That view changes when his office crush, Nanette Cole, finds herself in the game, and realises that the other characters are digital clones of their real selves, trapped by Daly, who uses their DNA. It is Cole, who manages to rouse the rest and ensure they escape Daly’s game, even as she gets stuck in gaming limbo. The episode ends on a positive note

The next episode Arkangel, takes up issue about child monitoring used by parents,the concept of the episode is good but it lakes some sort of motivation. It could have explored several other details about the company that manufactures that gadget.

Crocodile was not good compared to other episodes because it lacks some sort of break out technology like others. But actually it talks about licencing terms used by the company. I enjoyed watching it but was not that thrilled with this episode.

Hang the DJ is my favorite episode of the season. It was somewhat refreshing and the actors where likable. It shows a dating app where it runs simulation to get good match in real life. The episode is well written and better presented. I loved the fact the episode ended in a positive note. I was thinking something bad might happen based the history of Black Mirror.

Metalhead, a black and white episode features a group of rebels led by Maxine Peake in a post-apocalyptic world, trying to save themselves from what appear to be robotic canines, in a dingy warehouse. The setting is bleak: a battle between the hunter and the hunted. Instead of humanoid robots, we have tiny robotic dogs emerge as the supervillains. Yet, in this cat-and-mouse chase, not much is known about the world the characters occupy. and ensure that one cannot invest much in the characters.

Black Museum is one of the most important Black Mirror episode created. In this a A traveler comes across a museum that boasts rare criminal artifacts and a disturbing main attraction. The episode is filled with Easter Eggs. The episode was a roller coaster ride and the suspense lived to its expectation. Most of all the episode felt like a true Black Mirror episode.

There is something I want to point out, most of the critics who review TV shows are critical when it comes to good shows. Black Mirror has set itself a high standard for itself, it constantly battles to reach that level. Most of the Black Mirror episodes are better than any other TV shows in the genre or even most of the feature films. The hurdle is to beat itself.

All in all it was a good season for Black Mirror.

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