A Brief Guide To Intellectual Property Law For Businesses

Intellectual property is that area of law which deals with various legal rights related to the inventions and creative works. The aim of this law is to facilitate people to create and invent new artistic works, products, and designs and to get profit from their work.

Categories of intellectual law

The intellectual law is associated with the ideas of people and the things they create. When it comes to the rules for claiming exclusive rights to a particular work, the rules governing those work can vary depending the type of creation.
The copyright intends to protect the right of the owner in respect to their creativity. Some of the works that come under this category include performances, print, music, choreography, and films. Your work must have uniqueness to receive the copyright and major amount of the work you do must be significantly creative.


The trademark, on the other hand, is a symbol, letter, or lettering words representing a company or its products. It is the thing that makes your product distinct from the rest of the companies. There is no need to register a trademark similar to the copyright and you can use any symbol, or design regularly for representing your product. Usually, the companies register their trademarks as it provides a legal presumption of the ownership. The trademark is going to last for keeps and you gain the right to create or sell the products by using the trademark. Companies often seek help from the intellectual property lawyers in India to handle the trademark registration issue and the disputes related to it.


This refers to the legal right related to the original invention and during the tenure of the patent, no one has the right to produce, sell or distribute the product without seeking permission. You must have all the necessary documents related to your invention to get the patent protection. You have to describe the patent carefully and in detail so that the government official and the public can understand your invention properly. The intellectual property lawyersare going to assist you in obtaining the patent.

Rights of industrial design

Often, the inventors create new designs for making products which are called industrial designs. These designs protect the rights of the creator to utilize and make profit from the creations. You can seek the help of top lawyers in India to deal with the industrial design rights.

Trade dress

The trade dress relates to the unique packaging a company chooses to sell the product and acquire exclusive rights to present the product in a selective way. It is a complicated issue, so you have to let some of the experienced lawyers in India to handle the issue. You must prove that the packaging is aesthetic and unique. Furthermore, it is essential to entice the customers with attractive packaging options.

Trade secret

The trade secret is a special plan or formula for doing business. It also refers to a system of doing things that provides the company with a competitive advantage over the competitor. Any unlawfulness in this respect is to be handled by a reputed legal firm in India for the best results.

Changes in intellectual property law

With the emergence of the digital age, the intellectual property law has changed significantly. The intellectual property issues and the enforcement have become more complicated and challenging due to abuse of the law. Due to constant growth an evolution of law, the lawyers play a vital role in this matter.

International issues

The international property law often gives rise to disputes across the border. For instance, if a person designs something in one country, they may be interested to protect the rights of the creation from another country or location. However, many countries do not have well-defined laws in intellectual property when compared to the country of the creation. Quite naturally, the legal professionals find it challenging to protect the interests of the clients. Therefore, the lawyers must have sound knowledge of the international laws to assist their clients to make the most of the legal aspects to meet their objectives.
Practicing intellectual property might also require the law practitioners to create international agreements. The lawyers also work on behalf of the government to negotiate and drafting the agreements.

Practicing intellectual property law

Several top law firms in Delhi practice intellectual property law. As the area involves the need to acquire technical and scientific information, the lawyers with background in technology, science, and mathematics can perform well in this field. Apart from this, lawyers practicing patent law must also pass the examinations required to serve the clients. Every lawyer must prove that they have the background that makes them eligible for handling the technical and scientific matters.

The lawyers working in the field of intellectual property also assist the companies to claim and register the protection of the property. Besides this, the legal professionals working in this field must also implement the laws to file lawsuits for defending the clients. There are separate ways of filing civil lawsuits as well to protect the invention. When there is violation of the intellectual property law, the case must be prepared to prove the violation and damage. They work on behalf of individuals and corporations. As the laws in this field tend to change quickly, the lawyers must learn and understand those changes to execute their duties and responsibilities. This area of the law is appropriate for those people who enjoy dealing with technical information.

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