How to Choose Best Color when selecting Granite Worktop or Quartz Kitchen Worktop

It is no secret that people are fascinated by great looking kitchens. And when it comes to kitchens, one of the most difficult choices at hand is to decide the perfect color for your granite or quartz kitchen worktop. With each one of us having our own idea of what perfection looks like, deciding on the right color may get confusing, especially with the endless choices available in the market. So, how to get the best out of it? Read along as we make it easier for you to choose one.

Use Quartz Sample Colors

Quartz rocks are available in an assortment of colors and patterns. Be it a modern-styled or a vintage-fashioned home, if you are looking forward to adding some taste, quartz worktops can fill your kitchen with the perfect splash of color. Go through the catalog and spend enough time with sample colors to decide which one suits the best with the rest of your home environment.

Pay Attention to Quartz Thickness

You should keep in mind that quartz thickness is responsible for the intensity of its color. It is, therefore, imperative to pick the right thickness. With multiple colors, you can also try out layered edging profiles.

Carefully Choose the Shades

Here comes the most important part: choosing the shade of granite or quartz for your countertop. Think about the objects around the countertop and their colors: the wall, the floor, the cabinet, all of it. You wouldn’t want the countertop to have a color that doesn’t match with the surrounding and is, therefore, unpleasing to the eye, would you?

For instance, in the case of confined regions, you wouldn’t want to go for black or any other dark granite as it will saturate and shrink the space. On the contrary, subtle colors will open up and brighten the closed areas if there isn’t much natural light entering your kitchen. Similarly, red can add an energetic vibe to your kitchen, but a profusion of the color for the countertop can cause an unsettling atmosphere. Gray and black also add quite a bit of drama in a contemporary kitchen having light color cabinetry. Both brown and beige easily go with almost every style of kitchen.

When choosing a granite worktops that goes in accordance with the cabinet, you can opt for a color that matches with the cabinet. But then it should have darker veining. For example, White Spring granite having grey, brown, and black veins go remarkably well with white cabinets. The other option is to coordinate the veining if you prefer to have a contrasting look. The same granite in the above example, when paired with an espresso cabinet will give it a bright, cohesive contrast.

Select a Pattern for Granite and Quartz

Picking the best color for your countertop isn’t complete without choosing the right pattern of granite or quartz. For granite, solid, speckled, and marbled are the three basic available patterns. Say for smaller kitchens if you opt for a busy pattern, it will make the kitchen space look more congested. Instead, you can opt for solid granite as it has very little texture variation. With marbled granite, you will find a very smooth shift from color to pattern. But if your walls have solid shades, you can go for a more detailed pattern work for your countertop.

Some Pairing Ideas

  • Choosing the ideal color for your worktop and getting to match it with the cabinet can get a bit tricky. So here are some great combination ideas that you can try out.
  • Create contrast with green granite for dark brown cabinetry
  • Light to medium oak cabinets look gorgeous with high contrast granite like Black pearl
  • Mahogany or rich cherry color for cabinets work best with white granite, Ubatuba, and Verde Peacock
  • A light brown, beige, grey or white countertop comes out really well with neutral maple cabinets

Different colors stand for different vibes. While a black granite countertop may appeal to one for its elegance, another might be fascinated by the modern touch of the white color. A yet another person with a traditional style of house can opt for green granite to pair it with the woodwork and bronze fixtures. Therefore, be it a granite countertop or a quartz countertop, your choice of hues should reflect your personality. Let it be the perfect integration of your needs, personal taste, and design ideas.

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