Commercial Property Maintenance Checklist

Setting up an aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable workplace is a relevant part of running a business. You can leave the building design plans to builders and architects, but the regular upkeep of the property will entirely be your responsibility. Maintaining a commercial property is not easy, you will need all the help you can get to make sure you’re doing the job right. Use this commercial property maintenance checklist to schedule your seasonal upgrades, cleaning, and repairs!

Spring maintenance checklist

  • Spring is the perfect time to work on your building exterior and clear away any dirt debris. You may also need to schedule repairs in case of any property damage brought by the winter weather.
  • Clean window and door screens to make your interior and exterior space look brighter.
  • The warmer weather is perfect for landscaping tasks such as fertilizing the lawn and surrounding plants and trees with a fresh layer of mulch.
  • Remove caked-on dirt from your hardscapes. Pressure wash sidewalks and brick surfaces.
  • Inspect your chimney and roofing for any damage such as missing or loose shingles, leaks, and cracks.
  • Polish wood furniture and refinish decks.
  • Clear leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts.

Summer maintenance checklist

When the warm weather is here to stay, you have all day to work on any indoor or outdoor maintenance task. This time of the year is perfect for any property renovations you are planning.
  • Make sure to schedule your painting renovation plans on summer days for a hassle-free painting process and excellent results. Painting your exterior siding will improve the curb appeal of your property.
  • Check for leaks around your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and toilets.
  • Don’t forget to clean your gutters during the summertime. Get rid of nests, leaves and other debris that may keep your gutters from working properly.
  • Groom your trees and shrubs. Prune trees that are getting in the way of power lines.
  • Summer is a good time to inspect your HVAC. You will need a well-functioning air conditioning system to make indoors cooler and more comfortable.

Fall maintenance checklist

The dry weather and moderate temperature of the fall season make it convenient for maintenance projects. Fall time is often utilized to prepare for the winter season.
  • Clear your building facade from any leaves or debris since they are potential slipping hazards.
  • Call professional HVAC technicians to check your heating system for any issues. Scheduling an HVAC inspection during the fall season allows the repair of any component damage and ensures a properly functioning indoor heating during the winter season.
  • Inspect the roof for any signs of leak or damage. Seal cracks and gaps with caulk.
  • Tune major appliances and devices.
  • Insulate your pipes to keep them protected from the frigid conditions soon to come.

Winter maintenance checklist

The winter weather can be a bit harsh on your property. A lot of issues can happen, but as long as you check these items off your winter maintenance checklist, your winter experience will be just fine.
  • Snow and ice buildup can block entry to your commercial property which can be bad for business. Be aggressive with snow removal and hire a professional service.
  • Make sure to cover your air conditioning unit.
  • Seal electrical outlets to block the cold air.
  • Reverse the ceiling fans to force warm air near the ceiling down into the room.

How to make HVAC components cleaning and maintenance easier?

To make sure your commercial property stays comfortable and enjoyable the whole year round, don’t forget to schedule periodic HVAC cleaning and maintenance. To access HVAC duct areas that are hard to reach, installingductwork access hatches is the ideal solution. Today, you can find a quality supply of these doors for different duct styles and applications. Remember to partner with a company that is trustworthy and has the relevant industry experience.
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