CPALike Review

CPALike is an affiliate network where affiliates can make money by promoting offers. Earning money on CPALike is easy as it provides multiple solution to affiliates. It not only provides offers to affiliates but it also let them earn through its PPD (Pay Per Download) program and locking services.

Earning money through their PPD program is a simple 3 step process:

  1. You need to upload any of your downloadable file on their server.
  2. Then you need to share your download link anywhere on internet.
  3. Whenever any person downloads your file, you get paid for it.

Apart from their PPD program, you can easily make money with their locking service and content gateway. They offer link locker, files locker and content locker which let you monetize your premium content.

Using these tools is more than easy. Even newbies in affiliate marketing can easily use these tools to monetize their premium content.

In addition to their PPD program and locking service, you can also make money by promoting their direct offers. CPALike provides sufficient number of high paying offers that you can easily promote.

There are various reasons to join this network:

Multiple Ways To Earn Money:

Unlike other affiliate networks where you can only make money by promoting their offers, CPALike offers you multiple ways to make money. This network is not limited to direct offers, instead it provides you locking service and PPD program.

I have already discussed much about their PPD program and locking service, so, i don’t think there’s a need to repeat the same.

These multiple ways make it easier for newbies to make money online. Also, these options give you the flexibility to choose the best way to earn money.

Sufficient Number Of Offers:

CPALike provides you sufficient number of offers to promote. These offers are of various verticals which let you easily select the offers of your choice and promote them. Also, since CPALike is a global affiliate network, so, it provides lots of worldwide offers.

At the time of writing this review, CPALike had 178 live offers. These offers seemed to be of various verticals and the payout rates of these offers were average. However, the offers were simple and easy to promote.

Detailed Live Stats Reporting System:

CPALike offers a detailed live stats reporting system to affiliates. On its stats reporting system you can see daily stats, subid report, country based report, campaign report and reversed leads report.

Its stats reporting system shows date, clicks, leads, revenue, conversions, average CPA, date, EPC etc.

Also, its stats reporting system offers various filters and graphs, so, you can easily breakdown your reports for easy analysis.

Easy To Join And No Review Process:

The best part about this affiliate network is, you can join it easily. Unlike other affiliate networks it offers you easy sign up and review process. To sign up on CPALike you need to fill up their sign up form and submit it. After that you will receive an account activation link on your registered email that you need to click to activate your account. Once you click that activation link, your account becomes active and you can instantly login to your account.

Since, there is no review process, so, you don’t have to wait for any account manager to contact you and answer his/her questions to get approval.

CPALike is good for all kind of affiliates, that is, new and professional. If you are a new affiliate then this affiliate network could be good choice for you as it provides instant login. On some top affiliate networks, you might not get approval but here you get instant approval, so, its a good choice for new affiliates.

It Offers Multiple Tools:

This is another great part about this affiliate network. It provides you multiple tools that you can use to easily monetize your inventory and keep track of your offers.

Some of the tools offered by it are Offers API, Postback, Offer Wall, Link Locker and Content Locker.

Multiple Payment Option:

CPALike offers multiple payment options to affiliates so they can easily withdraw their earnings. The payment options offered by CPALike are PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin and Check.

Low Minimum Payout:

As compared to some other affiliate networks, CPALike has a low minimum payout so that even new affiliates can easily withdraw their earnings. The minimum payout on CPALike is only 50$.

A Good Referral Program:

CPALike offers a good 5% referral commission program to affiliates. This referral program lets affiliates to earn some extra money by referring their industry’s friends and colleagues to it.

CPALike Details At A Glance:

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