CPALock Review

As the name suggests of this network, CPALock is an affiliate network which has specialization in content locking. It provides affiliates an opportunity to monetize their content with their specialized ad locking tools.

Smart Locking Tools:

They provide all sort of tools to affiliates that they can use to protect their valuable content and make money through them. With their locking tools affiliates can protect their files, links and content.

Direct Offers:

In addition to their locking tools, this network also provides lots of direct offers that affiliates can promote on their different niche websites and apps. They also have specialization in incentivized CPA and mobile friendly CPI offers. So, they provide one of the best CPA and CPI offers to affiliates.

Their offers are high paying and easy to convert. They provide only best offers to affiliates based on market demand. Their offers are trending and therefore, it becomes easy for affiliates to promote them.

This network has lots of advertising partners all around the world which let them offer highest payouts to affiliates.

Smart Targeting Technology:

In addition to their high paying offers, their smart targeting technology also helps affiliates to show the best offers to their visitors. This network also provides smart links, so, if you don’t like finding and promoting individual offers then you can let the smart links do the job for you.

Their smart links automatically pick and show the best offers to your visitors based on their browser, OS, country and various other factors. So, you don’t have to worry about finding the specific offers for your website.

Various Other Facilities:

Apart from multiple locking tools and high paying offers, CPALock also offers various great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include easy account approval, low minimum payout, smart locking and tracking tools, live stats, flexible payment schedules, multiple payment options, loyalty program, referral program and dedicated support.

CPALock Review

Easy Account Approval:

Unlike other affiliate networks which impose high requirements on affiliates, CPALock seeks only simple requirements from affiliates. They allow both new and experienced affiliates to use their network.

Since, there are no hard and fast requirements, so, any affiliate who want to earn money online can join this network. They provide a simple sign up form that affiliates need to fill up and submit to join their network.

They review all affiliate applications, so, make sure to fill up their form properly with all necessary details. If you have some good quality traffic, a niche website or an app then you can easily get approval on this network.

They are quick in reviewing affiliate applications. They usually review all applications within 24 hours of submission.

Lots Of CPA And CPI Offers:

This network provides lots of CPA and CPI offers to affiliates out of which they can select the best offers to promote. They provide both incentive and non-incentive offers, so, its always up to you to promote the offers of your choice.

Also, their offers have above average payout rates, so, you can earn a decent income from this network.

Since, this network is a global affiliate network, so, it provides offers for almost all countries. So, affiliates from any part of the world can join this network and make money through it.

At the time of writing this review, this network had 2400+ live offers to promote.

Smart Locking And Tracking Tools:

As i have already mentioned above this network provides all sort of tools that help you in generating higher income through their network. They provide various locking and monetization tools that you can use to monetize your premium content.

The various monetization tools offered by this network are link lockers, content lockers, offer wall, smart link and offer optimizer.

In addition to their monetization tools, they also provide various tracking tools that help you in tracking your offers and optimize them for best performance. The various tracking tools offered by this network are offers API, postback setup, postback tester and postbacks log.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Like its all other premium facilities, this network also offers a very detailed stats reporting system which shows stats in real time. Their stats reporting system lets you generate in-depth reports of your offers.

It lets you generate various types of reports so that you can easily analyze your stats and optimize your offers for best performance. With their stats reporting system, you can generate daily report, leads report, offers report, countries report and bad leads report.

Their stats reporting system also offers various filters and graphs which help affiliates to easily generate reports of various sections and analyze their stats.

Low Minimum Payout:

Unlike most of the other affiliate networks, CPALock offers a low minimum payout limit to affiliates so that even new affiliates can easily withdraw their earnings. The minimum payout limit on this network is only 50$.

Flexible Payment Terms:

CPALock offers flexible payment terms to affiliates so that they can withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment schedules. By default they pay their affiliates on Net 30 terms but affiliates can apply for different payment schedules.

The various payment schedules offered by this network are Weekly, Net 7, Net 15 and Net 45.

Timely Payouts:

CPALock knows the importance of money for affiliates and therefore, they ensure timely payouts for them. They pay their affiliates on time and every time. Also, they offer faster payment frequencies for premium affiliates.

Multiple Payment Options:

Like its all other premium facilities, here also it provides premium facility to affiliates. They offer various payment options to affiliates so that they can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options.

The payment options offered by this network are PayPal, Payoneer Card, Payoneer Local Bank Transfer and Bitcoin.

Loyalty And Referral Program For Additional Income:

CPALock offers a loyalty and referral program to affiliates so that they can earn some extra income through their network by just promoting it.

They provide various simple tasks that you can complete to earn some rewards through their loyalty program. Also, they offer a good 3% referral commission program to affiliates. So, if you have friends, colleagues or visitors who could be potential affiliates then you can refer them to join this network.

CPALock Details At A Glance:

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