Cpapilot Review

Cpapilot is an affiliate network focused on online dating services. It provides its services to worldwide affiliates and advertisers.

As an affiliate on this network you can earn 2x higher revenue by promoting their high paying offers whereas as an advertiser, you can grow your business effectively through performance based marketing.

Though, this network is focused on online dating services but it provides offers from various verticals, so, you can monetize your different niche websites and apps with them. Also, they accept 2000+ type of traffic sources, so, whatever kind of traffic you have, you can monetize it with them.

Since, this network is a global affiliate network, so, it covers almost all Geo’s and provides you the best offers for your audience. Their advanced tracking system tracks all your leads and generates reports in real time.

At the moment this network has 8000+ affiliates and 150+ worldwide advertisers.

For Advertisers:

Cpapilot is a performance based marketing network which is aimed to produce result for advertisers. Since, this is the most effective form of advertising, so, here advertisers pay only for results. This makes the most profitable deal for advertisers as with this form of advertising they can easily accomplish their marketing goals without bearing any extra cost of advertising.

As i have already mentioned above that this network has a huge base of publishers who can promote any kind of campaign in any part of the world. So, you can promote any kind of campaign worldwide and target new customers for your products and services.

They offer an advanced platform to advertisers where they can easily promote their campaigns and keep track of their performance. Also, their platform is optimized for tracking fraud activities to protect your campaigns from any kind of fraud activities.

Cpapilot Review

There are various simple reasons to join this network:

Targeted Offers With High Payouts:

As i have already mentioned above that this network is focused on dating services, so, it provides one of the best dating offers to affiliates. The rates for dating offers are high, so, you can earn higher revenue by promoting some of its dating offers. However, this network also covers various other verticals, so, you can also promote them to earn money.

At the time of writing this review, this network had 100+ live offers for affiliates.

Accepts Various Traffic Sources:

This network accepts 2000+ types of traffic sources, so, worldwide affiliate can monetize their different type of traffic with them.

Offers Three Different Smart Tools:

Like some of the other modern affiliate networks, Cpapilot also offers some smart tools to affiliates so that they can easily monetize their traffic with them. The smart tools offered by this network are Smart Link, Native Ad Code and Banner Ad Code.

Timely Payouts & Flexible Payment Terms:

Cpapilot pays its affiliates on time and every time based on their chosen payment frequency. By default they pay their affiliates on Net 30 terms but they offer various other payment frequencies based on their performance.

The payment frequencies offered by this network are Net 30, Net 15, Bi-Weekly, Weekly and Daily.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Cpapilot offers a very detailed stats reporting system which shows all necessary stats of the offers you are promoting. Their stats reporting system offers various graphs and filters which help you to easily analyze your stats and optimize your offers for best performance.

Their stats reporting system shows stats in real time, so, you don’t have to wait for any specific period of time to see your stats changing.

Multiple Payment Options:

Cpapilot likes paying its affiliates on time and therefore, it offers multiple payment options to them so that they can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options.

The payment options offered by this network are PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, FirstChoice Pay, Bank Wire Transfer and Bitcoin.

Dedicated Support:

Support is one of the major factor that make a network good or bad. In this case Cpapilot comes ahead of many other networks. It offers a dedicated support to affiliates via multiple channels, so, you can contact them anytime and you will get a prompt reply from them.

They offer support via email and Skype. You can also reach them via their contact form.

Referral Program For Additional Income:

If you want to earn some additional income through this network then you can also participate in their referral program. They offer a 2% referral commission program to affiliates.

By default their referral program remains inactive but if you are interested in their referral program then you can ask their support to activate it for you.

Cpapilot Details At A Glance:

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