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CrakRevenue is a premium CPA affiliate network with over 10 years of experience in the affiliate marketing field. Since, this network has a long experience in affiliate marketing, so, it knows the needs of affiliates and advertisers.

It provides top converting offers and highest paying affiliate programs to affiliates whereas, best advertising solutions to advertisers. With this network both affiliates and advertisers can achieve their goals.

For Affiliates:

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CrakRevenue is an award winning network with one of the largest and most skilled affiliate management team in the industry. They have won 20 awards for providing quality service to their clients and they have a staff of over 100 people. Since its debut in 2022, their revenue grew by 2000% and their workforce by 950%. This is enough to show how good is this network, so, you can expect a premium service from them.

Becasue of their long term experience in affiliate marketing and professional team, they know how to provide quality service to affiliates. They provide top converting offers and high paying affiliate programs to affiliates so that they can earn the best possible revenue with their network. Moreover, their team of experts always remains ready to help affiliates to generate maximum profit through their network.

They share highest possible revenue with affiliates to ensure highest profit for them.

Great Promotional Tools:

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In addition to their top converting offers, this network also offers some great tools that you can use to increase your earnings. The two very important tools offered by this network are smart links and survey generator. Their smart links tool lets you generate smart links for various verticals. Their smart links automatically pick the best offers to show to your visitors based on various factors like device, OS, country, career etc.

As far as their survey generator tool is concerned, this tool lets you generate custom surveys for your visitors. You can customize them as per your requirements to provide great user experience to your visitors. These custom surveys offer rewards to your website visitors for completing the survey. These rewards are actually CrakRevenue’s offers with your affiliate tracking link. So, whenever you visitor completes an offer you get commissions for it.

Other Facilities:

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Apart from high paying offers and some quality tools, this network also offers some other great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include a very detailed stats reporting system, timely payouts, multiple payment options, dedicated support and extra earnings opportunity through pop-unders, BackOffers and referral program.

What Makes This Network Different From Others ?

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There are various things that make this network different from others:

A Premium Affiliate Network:

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When you look for affiliate networks then you will find that there are tons of affiliate networks available online. But, if you look for premium networks then there are very few networks that you can call premium. CrakRevenue is one such network that you can call premium.

This network provides all premium facilities to affiliates that they seek from any good affiliate network. It provides quality offers, premium tools, timely payouts, detailed stats and dedicated support to affiliates. The best of all, since its debut in 2022, this network is running successfully and has made long term relationship with worldwide advertisers. These advertisers prefer them over other affiliate networks and therefore, they let them offer highest rates in the industry.

A Reliable Network:

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CrakRevenue is one of the very reliable affiliate network on which you can trust. It is a network which is online for over 7 years and has a staff of 100+ people. A scam network cannot run for that long period of time and at least with this huge number of staff.

Also, you can find many reviews about this network on other websites where you will find most of the reviews positive about them. Another good thing is, this network has won 20 awards which again shows how good and reliable is this network. So, overall its a reliable network that you can try.

Premium Facilities To Premium Publishers:

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Though this network provides premium facilities to all of its affiliates but it never underestimates the top affiliates. They have created three categories of affiliates namely Active Affiliates, VIP Affiliates and Elite Club.

In active affiliate they put almost every affiliate who are active on their network. Whereas in VIP and Elite Club they put top 200 and top 50 affiliates respectively. To VIP and Elite Club affiliates they provide even better facilities than active affiliates. They get additional bonuses, payout bumps and even memorable Christmas gifts. You can check their affiliates page for more details regarding these affiliate categories.

So, if you are a premium affiliate with quality traffic then you are going to get some high class facilities from them.

Provides Powerful Promotional Tools And Additional Earning Opportunities:

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This network provides some great tools that affiliates can use to increase their earnings. I have already discussed about two of the very important tools above in the review.

In addition to their tools they provide additional opportunities to affiliates to make some extra income through their network. They provide optional pop-unders and backoffers that you can run along with your offers to earn some extra income though their network. Also, their 5% referral commission program provides an extra opportunity to earn money by promoting their network.

For Advertisers:

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CrakRevenue is a great platform for advertisers to accomplish their marketing goals. With 10+ years of expertise in web marketing and a dedicated staff of over 100 people can take your advertising experience to next level. They can generate huge conversions with legitimate traffic sources. This network aims to significantly increase the profit of advertisers and to help their business grow.

Since, CrakRevenue is a performance based marketing network, so, here advertisers pay only for results. This network has one of the largest team in the industry where each individual has his/her own expertise in various verticals. So, you can promote any of your stuff with them and they will produce you results.

A Large Network:

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This network has 20000+ web marketers who generate over 50 billion impressions monthly through their combined promotions. With this huge number of web marketers and impressions delivered per month, you can understand how big is this affiliate network.

They have potential affiliates from every part of the world who can generate huge number of conversions for you. They have a good selection procedure for affiliates where they review each and every affiliate for quality of traffic before allowing them to use their network.

Various Targeting Options:

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This network also provides various targeting options and promotional tools that you can use to reach the best audience for you campaigns. Also, they have skilled design team who can provide well designed banners, landing pages, white labels and other creatives that can generate higher conversions for you.

Fraud Prevention System:

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The best part about this network is, it uses industry’s most reputable, trusted and respected fraud prevention screening programs to ensure legitimate conversions for advertisers.

Premium Facilities To Premium Advertisers:

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Similar to affiliates, this network has divided advertisers into three categories namely Approved Advertisers, VIP Advertisers and Elite Club. In Approved Advertiser category they put all advertisers who get approved on their network. Whereas, in VIP and Elite Club they put those advertisers who reach in their Top 50 and Top 10 advertisers list. They provide better services for VIP and Elite Club. You can find more info about these categories on their advertisers page.

CrakRevenue Review

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Lots Of Offers Of Various Verticals:

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CrakRevenue provides lots of offers to affiliates that they can promote to earn a handsome income through their network. Not only this, they also provide lots of high paying affiliate programs to affiliates that they can promote to earn money. They mainly provide affiliate programs related to dating and cam verticals.

The major verticals that this network works with are dating, cams, paysites, nutra, survey and gaming.

In addition to their offers and affiliate programs, this network also provides smart links that make the job easier for affiliates by automatically picking and showing the right offers to their visitors.

At the time of writing this review, they had 800+ live offers for affiliates to promote.

Easy Account Approval:

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Though this network follows strict guidelines to select affiliates but getting approval on this network is not that difficult. If you have good quality traffic or professional looking niche website then you can get easy approval on this network.

They offer a simple sign up form that you need too fill up properly and submit it to join their network.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

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It being a premium affiliate network offers a very detailed stats reporting system to affiliates. Their stats reporting system shows all the necessary details that you seek as an affiliate to analyze and optimize your offers for best performance.

It comes with various filters and graphs which make it easier for affiliates to generate and analyze the in-depth stats of offers they are promoting.

Their stats reporting system shows date, clicks, EPC, conversions, CPA, payout, country, offer, device etc.

Timely Payouts:

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Since, CrakRevenue is a premium affiliate network, so, it never delays any payment. They pay their publishers on time and every time on Net 30 basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

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CrakRevenue offers multiple payment options to affiliates so that they can withdraw their earnings easily on their preferred payment options. The payment options offered by this network are Paxum, Check, Wire and First Choice Pay.

Additional Earning Opportunities:

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As i have already mentioned above this network provides additional earning opportunities to affiliate so that they can make some extra income through their network.

They offer pop-unders, backoffers and a referral program as their additional earning opportunities for affiliates. You can run pop-unders and backoffers along with your offers to increase your revenue. However, this is an optional thing, so, its always up to you to run these ads along with your offers or not.

As far as its referral program is concerned, they offer a 5% referral commission program to affiliates.

CrakRevenue Details At A Glance:

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Network Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, Affiliate Network
Offers: 800+
Minimum Payout: 100$
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Methods: Paxum, Wire, Check, First Choice Pay
Platform: In-House Proprietary
Referral Program: Yes
Referral Program Details: 5% referral commission program
Payment Proof: Coming Soon
Website URL:

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