CSSIgniter Affiliate Program Review

CSSIgniter is an online WordPress theme seller which sells premium WordPress themes and plugins. It is a very known theme seller and it has good quantity of themes and plugins.

CSSIgniter launches few themes and plugins every month. Its themes are of high quality and promoted by some very popular websites. And the best part, they provide a 59$ membership to webmasters and website/blogs owners where they get access to all of their themes and plugins for 12 months.

Not only this, they get access to any new theme that is added during their subscription period. Also, they get all updates and can build unlimited websites with their themes.

There’s another good thing that their members can renew their subscription at 50% discount. Isn’t it great ?. So, if you are a website owner then you can have a look of their premium themes and plugins.

CSSIgniter Affiliate Program Review

As i have already mentioned above in the overview that CSSIgniter is one of the very known online WordPress themes and plugins seller. So, i don’t think there’s a need to introduce it again.

Like most of the other popular theme sellers, CSSIgniter also offers an affiliate program for affiliates. It provides huge 50% commission to affiliates on every sale and every renewal. You may find many affiliate programs which pay you for generating sales but you may rarely find affiliate programs which also pay for renewals.

So, if you have any such niche website or app where you can promote their themes and plugins then you can give a try to their affiliate program.

CSSIgniter provides various custom banners and links that you can promote on your website. Apart from custom banners and links, it also offers a very detailed stats reporting system to affiliates where they can check their stats. Their stats reporting system not only shows detailed stats but also presents your stats graphically for easy analysis.

A Famous WordPress Themes Seller:

CSSIgniter is a very known WordPress themes seller. It is famous for providing high quality themes and plugins. Since, it is a known theme seller, so, promoting its themes and plugins will not be difficult for you.

Lots Of High Quality Themes And Plugins:

CSSIgniter has a good collection of themes and plugins that you can promote. Their themes and plugins are of high quality and update on timely basis. Since, there are good quantity of themes and plugins, so, you get the freedom to select the best themes and plugins of your choice to promote.

High Commission:

As i have already mentioned above CSSIgniter provides 50% revenue share to affiliates, so, you can generate a good income through it.

On-Time Payments:

CSSIgniter pays its affiliates on time and every time. They pay affiliates on monthly basis.

Great Customer Support:

CSSIgniter provides a great support to their customers and affiliates. Support is a key factor when somebody purchases a theme. In this case, it provides premium customer support to all of its customers. So, you can promote their products confidently.

Also, they provide great support to affiliates, so, anytime you need assistance you can simply contact them.

CSSIgniter Affiliate Program Details At A Glance:

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