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If you’re a cyclist and looking for a new way to get your cycling news, you might be interested in the cycling podcasts. Rapha, the sponsors of the third Grand Tour, sponsors The Cycling Podcast and is featured in the latest episode. The podcast also features Fran Reyes, a Spanish journalist and communications manager for Lazarte. She provides insight during the coverage of the Vuelta an Espana.

The Cycling Podcast

The Cycling Podcast is a fantastic way to stay informed and entertained about all things cycling. The show is 30 minutes long and offers commentary and analysis of current cycling events. It also features interviews with famous cycling personalities and industry insiders. If you’re a cyclist, you can get more information at the podcast’s website. Listen to episodes on Strava! And don’t forget to subscribe to receive new episodes regularly!

The podcast was launched by Mark Rowe, a cycling coach, and focuses on coaching tips for all types of cycling. Featuring regular interviews with professional cyclists and cycling coaches, this podcast provides valuable insight into the world of professional and amateur cyclists. It also offers hints and tips for endurance rides and popular routes. Unlike other cycling podcasts, this one is geared toward a general audience and doesn’t focus on racing.

The Cycling Podcast is sponsored by Rapha, the brand that supports the third Grand Tour. It also features interviews with award-winning authors, including Daniel Friebe and Lionel Birnie. It also features a series on women’s cycling. This is a great listen for fans of women’s cycling and is sure to be entertaining and informative. While listening to the podcast, you can learn about the latest news and developments in the cycling world.

The Cycling Podcast features interviews with professional cyclists, including Ayesha McGowan, the first African-American pro cyclist. Ayesha’s podcast is named after her online persona, ‘A Quick Brown Fox.’ This show also features interviews with other women in the cycling industry, including former British pro rider Yewande Adesida. You can even hear the racing stories of some of the best-known riders.

If you’re a cyclist, you’ll want to listen to The Cycling Podcast. The podcast is a must-listen with guest interviews, in-depth race analysis, and coverage of important cycling events. It’s also a great way to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in cycling. So, go ahead and download it today! You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to subscribe to their feed, which is updated daily.

The Outspoken Cyclist

If you love bicycles and listen to podcasts, The Outspoken Cyclist is the perfect podcast. Hosted by cyclist Diane Jenks, this podcast has a wide variety of topics that you can find helpful. Many of the episodes feature interviews with cyclists and industry professionals. You can also learn about new cycling technology like FLIR systems, which detect cyclists at traffic signals. And you can stay current with the latest news on cycling with guest Devah D.

Diane Jenks is an avid cyclist and yoga instructor, and she hosts the Outspoken Cyclist cycling podcast with interviews with prominent cycling personalities. Diane also hosts The Bike Show, a weekly cycling radio program nominated for the 2005 London Cycling Award. The Bike Show reaches listeners worldwide and has featured Eddy Merckx and Alex Moulton. She also hosts the RBR-sponsored HubBub Helmet Mirror.

This Cycling Podcast features interviews with the world’s most talented cyclists and offers valuable insights into the sport. This podcast is a must-list for any cycling enthusiast, featuring interviews with top cyclists. You can also listen to the podcasts on cycling fashion and style. Some great podcasts are dedicated to cycling fashion, but this one straddles satire and elitism.

The Cyclingmole

David Hunter, better known on Twitter as @cyclingmole, was interviewed for SBS Cycling Central. In the interview, David discusses his time as an amateur rider in the UK, his experiences in the #CyclingGame21, and how he relates to the cycling community on Twitter. Also, he offers a unique perspective on Aussie racing from an outsider’s perspective. Read on to find out more.

This podcast was founded by Andy Lakatosh and Joan Hanscom, who work at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. Each episode features interviews with the world’s top cyclists and looks back at the moments that shaped their careers. This podcast is a great companion for any amateur or professional cyclist. The Cyclingmole podcast is an excellent way to learn about cycling fashion trends. And don’t forget to subscribe to their podcast for updates on cycling fashion!

The Voxwomen Cycling Podcast

Canyon Bicycles and Voxwomen have launched a new podcast dedicated to women’s cycling. The podcast will feature interviews with pro cyclists, professional commentators, and experts. In addition to the team’s cycling content, Voxwomen will also feature commentary from professional cyclists such as Laura Winter and Sharon Laws. This partnership will help women become better cyclists and increase their exposure.

The Cycling Podcast Feminin episode will air on January 10th. Guests include Abi Van Twisk of Trek-Segafredo, Hannah Barnes of Canyon-SRAM, and retired rider Iris Slappendel. The podcast also features Richard Moore and Orla Chennaoui, who discuss the Women’s Tour Down Under. Listen to this episode to learn more about women’s cycling and how to stay healthy.

The Voxwomen Cycling Podcast is supported by various organizations, including Rapha, Science in Sport, and the UCI Women’s WorldTeam. The hosts discuss how women’s sport is evolving throughout the podcast. They discuss what is expected of women cyclists, how they train, and what is causing them to struggle. They discuss the importance of gender equality in cycling. So if you’re a woman interested in cycling, tune in and start listening! It’s sure to be a worthwhile listen! The Voxwomen Cycling Podcast will help you get to know the sport’s pros.

This podcast is a must-listen for women who want to hear about the latest cycling news. In this episode, Hannah Walker interviews Hannah Ludwig, a rising star from Germany. The two talk about her career, the road to the Olympics, and the importance of being part of a great cycling community. There’s also an episode featuring 3x World Champion Giorgia Bronzini. There’s something for everyone on the podcast.

If you are a cyclist, you’ve probably tried to listen to podcasts about cycling. You may be interested in Lance Armstrong’s “The Move” or Ted King’s “Bikes or Death.” But which cycling podcasts do you recommend? Here are five of the best. You can also find them on iTunes. This article will briefly mention Spencer Haugh’s Wide Angle Podium Network. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcasts so we can bring you the latest information on cycling.

Lance Armstrong’s “The Move”

On his podcast, Lance Armstrong is a self-deprecating and unabashed self. Located in Aspen, Colorado, at 8,000 feet, he’s joined by his former teammate George Hincapie and Austin disc jockey JB Hager. The podcast has been growing steadily over the past three years, increasing its stature and relevance. It has also become a revenue stream for Armstrong, bringing in more than $1 million for his company throughout his two Tours.

It is a fascinating portrait of a man whose life was ripped apart by a broken system. Lance Armstrong seems like a wounded and confused man in his early interviews, unable to reconcile his past with his present. Yet, his charisma, energy, and a sense of purpose make him a fascinating character. As a former professional cyclist, he has found new meaning and relevance in the sport.

But how did Lance Armstrong get to this point? He began by admitting his steroid use, including blood transfusions, backdated prescriptions, and independent tests of his own body. Although he initially hid his use of steroids, he later sued a UK newspaper over the allegations. Later, the paper retracted the article and apologized. And Lance Armstrong is now a role model for other athletes looking to change their lives.

In 1998, Lance Armstrong re-entered the cycling world. He joined the US Postal/Discovery team and won seven Tour de France titles. After the 2005 Tour, he retired from competitive cycling. He returned to the States and trained with former Tour de France rider Bob Roll. He raced in the Appalachian Mountains and even held the Race for the Roses. This year, he won his first Tour de France since his ban.

Ted King’s “Wheels of Death”

A subscription service called Outside+ includes Ted King’s races such as the Giro d’Italia, Paris-Roubaix, Unbound Gravel, Tour de France, and Vuelta an Espana. The Cervelo TestTeam’s lone American is currently in his sophomore year in Europe, building on his rookie season in which he finished in third place at the Giro d’Italia.

Spencer Haugh’s Wide Angle Podium Network

There are many reasons to listen to the Velocast. It is the longest-running cycling podcast on the web. You’ll find pro-level content, comedy, and inside stories on the sport and the latest scandals in the pro peloton. You’ll be transported to another world every time you tune in to this podcast and learn something new.

The Banjo Brothers’ Five Things series features interviews with notable cyclists. The crew of the Slowride Podcast appears on this weekly feature. The podcast debuted in March 2022 and has 201 episodes. It’s part of Wide Angle Podium Network, an artist-owned network. Those who want to advertise with them will find their voice in the podcast. There’s also a live-read option for advertisers, and one-off ads will also be available.

Another excellent podcast is the Cycling Culture Podcast, hosted by Diane Jenks. It covers everything from the latest trends in cycling to how to pack for the monsoon or which bike to buy for a snow trail ride. You’ll learn a lot about the cycling culture and how to make the most of it. It’s also packed with tips on training, nutrition, and gear.

If you’re looking for a podcast about pro cycling, you’ve come to the right place. The podcast is hosted by two cycling friends from Portland who know each other well. The show often features road racing sensation Taylor Wiles and punk legend Sleeter Kinney. You can also find award-winning cycling authors Daniel Friebe and Lionel Birnie. Although it’s not strictly cycling-related, it’s a great way to stay connected to the sport.

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