Discover 10 Strategies You Can Use To Get Traffic Right Now

What Can You Do To Get Traffic To Your Site Now?

 All of us we was told to start a home business is that easy, and we believe each one of them, and I am sure you know about who I am talking. Yes, the marketers whom start internet marketing before you and me. They make it sound so easy we going to make money and we firing our bosses. Just create your website, have service or product to offers and voila you going to start make money from a home business. But to find out the truth going to take you time to get it. I will save you right now time, the truth is no matter what type of service or product your website offers, you will need traffic what ever you can call it (Visitors, Customers) to be successful.

Do You Have Patience Or You Can Not Wait To Get Traffic?

To get traffic to your site you will find many strategies, but are either very costly or no profitable traffic. The choices are yours, you can work a short term plan and a long term plan at the same time. There are few strategies to get traffic relatively quickly to your website. You should know this strategy to build a home business, earn income for you and your family and live life of your dreams.

There Are 10 Strategies You Can Use To Get Traffic Relatively Quickly To Your Website:

1- Build You Email List

Start Sending Emails To Your List 

2- Use Some One List

Send an Email Blast to Somebody Else’s List

3- Use Classified Ads

Post Classified Ads

4- Google Adwords

Start a Google Adwords Campaign

5- Yahoo Campaign

Start a Yahoo Search Marketing Campaign

6- PPV Traffic ( Pay Per View traffic )

Purchase PPV Traffic

7- Guest Blog 

Guest Blogging

8- Videos 

Video Marketing

9- Cheap Traffic

Buy Cheap Paid Click Traffic

10- Make Phone Calls

Cold Calling

1.    Send an Email to Your List 

– May be you know or you hear about this one. My best advice to you is to build your list if you are not doing that is no business for you. The list is your costumer to whom you going to sell products. The visitors and traffic coming to your website they are looking for information from you about your niche that why they are visiting your website. Set up squeeze page opt in forms on every page of your site. So send an email blast to your subscribers, interested targeted list of the subscribers is the fasted and the best ways to collect visitors to your website.

Hey Fouzi Stop Right There, What If I Do Not Have A List?

2.    Send an Email Blast to Somebody Else’s List

 –Well  To be honest with you it take time to find out about other people in my niche who will allow me to pay for a solo email to their list. You too you can do same thing. No one will show you this strategy. This is example of places you start from Warrior Forum here people swap mailings and offer you solo email spots on their lists. May be you already have small list you going to find a few other a home business owners or marketers even website in your niche they have quality offers and propose to them send them email offer if they can to an email offer you. You both benefit from each others audiences. I will show you the places where to purchase and accept solo emails.

3. Post Classified Ads

  – I am sure you heard about Craigslist and all marketers love it. They are the best classified ad site  online because they get real eyeballs looking at their ads. You need to start posting some classified ads for your business on Craigslist. Here’s an article which tells you how to post on Craigslist. I done all work for you, there are many other classified ad websites.  I will give you a list of several reputable places where you can purchase solo ad slots. All of them are Alexa 100k or less and are easy to post to them. The truth is, with classified ad marketing is very time consuming. If you want to give a try using a classified ad submission service here is one that will submit your site to 500 classified ad sites monthly.

4. Start a Google Adwords Campaign

 – I start Adwords campaign when one of my website is ranking in the first Google page. My campaign it seems doing just fine for my offline and online business. You can set up your campaign with normal keywords. Google Adwords is one of the fastest ways to get traffic, if they run your ads.

5. Start a Yahoo Search Marketing Campaign

  – Yahoo has traffic. It is not that bad as Adwords, but they are easier to work with Yahoo. Another thing also is the prices are slightly cheap.

6. Purchase PPV Traffic

  – Pay Per View traffic ( PPV). Generally, that mean pay per view traffic is pop ups that you buy on pay per view traffic networks. They are network has users who have downloaded their application, their agreed to receive ads. The traffic is URL and keyword targeted. If you want your ad to pop up on your competitors website you can use PPV traffic. What you have to do is to create landing page can immediately capture their attention and you can give them call to action.  I have for you website you can visit to find out more explication about ppv traffic.

7. Guest Blogging

 – You can publish your post to busy guest blog that has real readers eye-balling your post and commenting is the best and fast way to get traffic to your website. The moment your content is published thousands of readers will see your post immediately. This strategy can help you not only to get traffic but to get the best SEO as well. Just give try to this strategy and there is content wich going to give ideas about guest blog posting.

8. Video Marketing

  – Who do not know YouTube,  is the second search engine after Google in our days. Keep this in your mind Google owns YouTube which does not give any problem. You tube can show up quickly in search result. All depend on your content is, and traffic can start coming quickly. On each strategy is techniques you can use to get more targeted traffics and visitors. First use videos as videos response to other videos and leave comment on the other videos. They are even other video hosting websites like   DailyMotion and Metacafe.

Here is a list of 35 video hosting sites that I actually submit videos to.

9. Buy Cheap Paid Click Traffic

– This type of traffic Google do not like. May be if you have Adsense on your site, you can not use any type of incentivized traffic. What that mean? The traffic you are getting are actually paid or given an incentive to view your site. You can use this type of traffic only if you do not have Adsense in your website. Only advantage of this visitors is very cheap. I have made lot off sales and recruited affiliates using this type of traffic. Only problems the conversions are very low. This strategy help you and give importance to your site in the search engine. Check out this site for this type of traffic is Donkeymails

10. Cold Calling

  – Use the phone and call peoples who you think are interested on the  service are you offering and direct them to your website. It actually can be fun! Ask them for referrals, ask them if you can add them to your list, ask them to join your community, your Facebook etc. To grow your business  go door-to-door I was doing that leaving flyers in mail box houses and cold call. You will be rejected but admitted you want your business to grow, sweat, and hire people to give flyers at robot, parking lots, stadiums any where you see the potential is there and try to close some deals. Leave your iPad, blackberry and hit outside to streets. It is hard and brutal, but it works and is more effective result than Tweeting. Not only that, you could actually make some real friends.

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