Easy Tips Check Credit Card Balance Online

Credit cards are a form of an unsecured loan which can be utilised on-the-go. An individual can use a credit card for an array of purposes without any end use restriction. These cards come with numerous additional benefits such as vouchers, cashbacks, offers and notably reward points. To make the best of such benefits, it is vital that the user knows how to use a credit card properly.

Knowing how to check on credit card balance is vital. The credit limit on a card is the amount of funds the issuer provides as usable credit to the user. He/she can utilise the credit made available for purchases and transactions but is liable to repay the same later. The credit card balance shows the amount of credit utilised as well as the available credit limit on the card.

To stay alert about your credit card balance, you need not wait until your bills or bank statement arrives. Use your credit card wisely by availing the mobile app as provided by the issuer.

The habit of checking on your credit card balance will ensure the following:

  • Efficient credit management.
  • Refraining from overspending.
  • In case you find an error in the details, you can contact the issuing company and get it fixed.
  • If you find the balance dwindling, you immediately pay your credit card bills to be able to reuse the card. This also helps improve your credit score.
Be it a shopping credit card, travel credit card, student credit card or an international credit card; the usable balance can be checked online by the owners.

How to check credit card balance online?

There are 2 ways to access your credit card balance online:
  • Net banking
  • Using a mobile application
When you avail a credit card, the issuer will explain to you all the details along with how to check your credit card balance online. A detailed overview of the procedure is provided here:

1. Through net banking

You can check your credit card balance by accessing the internet via your smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablets.
  • Go to the credit card issuing company’s website.
  • Log in to your credit card account by providing customer ID and password.
  • You will find a section displaying your credit card statement and balance.
  • Choose the credit card in case you have more than one issued by the same company.
  • Once you click it, you will be shown your credit card details along with the balance withstanding.

2. Through mobile app

Most financial institutions have designed a mobile app to assist their customers in every way. Among all other features, such a mobile app also enables you to check the balance on your card.

You can also download the bank statement from the application. The statement sheet gives you detailed information about your credit card usage.

Apart from the online options, credit card details can be checked upon offline as well.

The following is a list of offline access to your card:

  1. Via ATM – You can check your credit card balance via an ATM of your issuing company.
  2. Monthly statements- It comes in both online and offline modes. Usually, it is sent by email and post. If you wish to access it online, you need to enter your password and get directed to the statements page.
  3. Through SMS- Make sure you sign up to SMS alerts from your issuer. This will ensure you are aware of every transaction made from your card.
  4. Call to customer care number- You can also ask for your credit balance details by contacting the customer care of your card issuer.
  5. Branch visit- Carry your credit card and identity proof to the card issuer’s branch, to enquire about your balance details, card usage, bank statement, etc.

All these multiple accessibilities ensure that you have a better card-using experience. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv now also make card approval a simple process with pre-approved offers. These offers ease the process of application for such financial products for quicker disbursal. Pre-approved offers are valid on credit cards, personal loans, business loans, home loans, as well as on many other financial products. Check your pre-approved offer by providing only a few essential details online.

Knowing how to check credit card balance should be followed by on time payment of credit card dues. Also, have a proper idea about partnered stores and brands to enjoy the additional benefits of reward points and other offers as provided by the issuer.

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