Exciting Things to do for your Employees in UAE

Congratulations! You have successfully entered the brand new decade 2022 – what next? Personally, you may have many plans for the things to do during the year. However, business people should also think about their workforce. So, what your plan for the employees this January?

Over the years, you surely have realized that every country has some distinct excitements to offer, and so do the United Arab Emirates. If you are running a business in the UAE and looking for ways to make your employees happy, read the article to get the best tips!

Top Tips to make your employees happy in the UAE

There is no denying that happy employees are the most productive. Therefore, you should try hard to keep your workforce contented with what the company offers them. So, consider the following idea to motivate your employees with enjoyable activities:

1. Plan a New Year dinner gala

Keeping the fact in mind that December is a time when everyone gets busy with family gatherings, thanksgiving meet-ups, and such other activities, you should consider hosting a dinnergala for your employees in January.
Meeting and eating are considered one of the best things to be done with colleagues. It not only helps in higher collaboration among the people but also improves performance in the workplace. So, getting with this idea brings a lot of positive outcomes. Don’t forget to acquire services of corporate events Dubai based professionals to get the planning and management done well.

2. Arrange a trip to the old Dubai

Another exciting idea to treat your workforce well in the year 2022 is to take them to visit old Dubai. The destination is considered a top tourist attraction in the Middle East. So, it will help to bring an opportunity for fun and enjoyment for the workforce.
Additionally, a city tour will improve attachment with the cultural base of the UAE, leading to an excellent association with the norms of the company. Ultimately, it is beneficial for business companies.

3. Buy tickets of the Miracle garden

The most beautiful idea is to take your employees to the Dubai Miracle Garden because it is the most awesome place to visit. Surely, the visitors will enjoy the world’s most extensive interior butterfly garden! Not only this, you will be able to make your employees sit in the natural flower garden comprising 72,000 square meters and featuring more than 50 million plants. The most exciting fact about this garden is that it has the most fantastic flower structure. The Mickey Mouse follower structure and others can help in making the employees nostalgic.

4. Arrange an office party

Indoor events are a way of keeping the people relaxed and stress-free. So, why not get with the idea of planning the office party with a few indoor activities and delicious lunch. Undoubtedly, many of the employees are going to like it as they already have spent a month of increased hustle and bustle.
However, arranging a get-to-gather at the workplace takes a lot of effort because you have to keep everyone happy with the food, the décor and rest of the elements. Be wise and come up with innovation in everything.

5. Plan a visit to the museum

 A museum is a place of treasure comprising the historical monuments. Visiting such a site can help the employees to learn about the cultural heritage of the country. If you are accommodating the workforce belonging to different countries, you should consider taking them to the museum.
A better selection can be made by asking the employees if they want to go and see the Museum of Illusions or Perfume museum. Going to Coins Museum is also a good idea!

6. Throw a corporate sports day

Looking for something thrilling and competitive? You can go with the idea of throwing a sports day for your employees. It is simple to deploy, you just have to pick some winter games ideas and get suggestions from your workforce to play the most aspired one.
Additionally, you can divide the employees into teams and set a prize for winning the game. It will not only boost the morale of the employees but also help you energize them!

7. Host a bonfire for employees

Last but not least, going with the concept of sitting together and sharing food along with cheers is one of the most exciting things to do for your workforce in the UAE. So, why not host a bonfire for them in the middle of the desert to foster empathy, kindness, and effective communication among them?
However, it depends on the number of employees that you have in the workplace. The reason is that you have to accommodate the facilities accordingly. Therefore, it is better to get assistance from corporate events Dubai based companies for getting the planning and arrangements in the best way possible.

Keynote: Make your employees happy!

Hopefully, you have got some lucrative idea to do something unique yet exciting for your employees. Don’t forget to keep your business objective in mind while picking an idea and working on it. After all, the image of your company depends on bringing a smile to the faces of your workforce!
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