Features of the GoPro HERO4 BLACK

Every angler always wants to show off their latest catch to others. But all of them cannot have the photos and videos of their trophy catch as concrete evidence. A GoPro can be the right device for those who want to capture the special moments on the water. This device is fully waterproof, so they won’t have to worry about going under the water with it.

If you are seriously interested in fishing, you must have the best GoPro for fishing on all of your trips. To help you choose the right GoPro for you, we’ve come out with one of the best GoPro devices for fishing, which can be used entirely underwater without ruining your camera. So, stay with us until the end of this article.

Review of GoPro HERO4 BLACK

GoPro HERO4 Black is one of the best cameras for the anglers who want to capture their fishing experiences. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, including the GoPro App, and many more features. Besides, this device comes with plenty of features that you cannot overlook before making any purchase.


This Hero4 Black is designed with a solidly built block that is well protected against pretty serious shocks. This device is fully waterproof, even at a depth of 40 meters underwater. You only need to keep the camera housing’s rubber seal clean. A piece of hair or some sand can create leakage and gradually damage your device.

Manual Controls and App

The manual controls and smartphone app features provide a variety of efficiency of capturing the photos and videos of the special moments. You can control this device manually from 600 feet distance with your smartphone via the GoPro App. It also includes an automated pairing function to make settings easier. You will also be able to change settings as your needs.

Excellent Image quality

This GoPro for fishing delivers cinema-quality capture for photos and videos with a wide-angle field of view. It also includes professional 720p and 240fps video for super slow-motion playback. Besides, it takes 12MP images at up to 30 frames per second. You will also get a 4k video recording system for high-quality videos with the 1080p and 120fps video system.

Night Mode

This GoPro has a night mode photo capturing system that offers customizable exposure settings for nocturnal shooting. You can take night photos with a shutter open time of up to 2 seconds, or for preset times up to 30 seconds. For adjusting shutter and frame rate, including brightness control, this device includes low auto light.


  • Comes with low light and night lapse options
  • Delivers excellent photo and video quality
  • Features 12MP camera
  • Includes hands-free control from a remote position
  • Easy to carry wherever you want
  • It is not ideal for long time recording


After all, the sensor of GoPro Hero4 Black is small. Its built-in lens is lower than DSLR lenses. But with a powerful new processor, the Hero4 Black can capture photos and videos in 4K. When you are going to take the shots, only select the accurate time and place the camera. This device will automatically begin to capture photos or videos. If you are now someone who loves fishing a lot, this device can be a suitable option for you.

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